Young Professionals Advisory Council Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YPAC?

YPAC is the acronym for AHRMM’s Young Professionals Advisory Council.

Why did AHRMM establish a Young Professionals Advisory Council?

Baby boomers and Gen Xers have begun to retire, and AHRMM wants to ensure there is a healthy contingent of active and engaged members from the “next generation” (a.k.a. Millennials and Gen Z) to take over leadership positions and participate as active members of the health care supply chain community.

By establishing a Young Professionals Advisory Council, AHRMM builds a conduit for a direct line of communication between the demographic it seeks to cater to, a pipeline of leaders for the health care supply chain and for AHRMM as its professional association. The YPAC allows young people between the ages of 18 and 35 to get immediately engaged in a meaningful way.

Young Professionals will strengthen AHRMM and the profession at large by advising AHRMM staff on the content and desired delivery options for the education and training they need, and on structural changes that may need to take place to better serve early careerists.

How is the YPAC structured?

YPAC is a 9-member council comprised of:

  • Three officers – a Chair and Vice Chair, elected by fellow YPAC council members from the current YPAC membership (officers initially join the YPAC via the application process as a general member), and a Past Chair
  • One AHRMM board liaison, appointed by AHRMM’s Board Chair
  • Five general members, selected via an application process

What is the YPAC’s purpose?

To connect, engage and represent young professionals and students in the health care supply chain profession, and advise AHRMM on programs and policies as they relate to early careerists.

What is the YPAC’s scope of service?

The YPAC provides education, leadership and networking opportunities for young professionals within the health care supply chain. YPAC advises the AHRMM staff on programs, services and policies that will leverage the talents of the organization’s diverse membership in order to captivate and actively engage early careerists in the work of the profession. The YPAC acts to raise awareness of health care as a career option within supply chain and guide students and young professionals seeking a pathway through the multi-faceted supply chain ecosystem. The YPAC provides a platform for professional development and a forum for emerging leaders in the field to address the unique challenges facing the next generation of supply chain professionals and influence innovative solutions within health care. It further seeks to build a community of experts who are prepared to lead AHRMM and carry out its mission to advance health care through supply chain excellence.

How often does the YPAC meet?

The YPAC meets monthly by teleconference and has one face-to-face meeting at the AHRMM Annual Conference.

Is there any cost associate with serving on the YPAC?

The YPAC members are expected to participate in the face-to-face meeting at the Annual Conference.

Are there eligibility requirements to serve on the YPAC?

Yes. You must be between 18 and 35 years of age and a current AHRMM (national) member.

Are there any qualifications?

There are preferred qualifications. Preference will be given to:

Candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher and three years’ experience working in supply chain or health care.


Candidates who have a high school diploma and seven years’ experience working in supply chain or health care.

AHRMM seeks to have balanced representation on its national council, therefore, the following criteria will be taken into consideration during the *vetting process:

  • Area of supply chain expertise
  • Health care supply chain experience
  • Managerial or leadership experience
  • Type of facility/company
  • Health care supply chain setting (provider, supplier, distributor, GPO, consulting, etc.)
  • Region
  • Race, ethnicity, gender, if offered

*Because the composition of the YPAC will change from year to year, the criteria are not weighted.

How long are the terms of service?

YPAC Chair – 2 years total; one year as Chair, one year as Past Chair

Vice Chair – 1 year

General member – *2-years, with the option to renew for one additional 2-year term (if someone has served two terms and is elected or appointed to an officer position they are exempt from the two-term limitation; i.e. their time as officer does not count as a board term).

* In 2019, half the members will apply/be asked to serve 3-year non-renewable terms to set up an off-year cycle, ensuring that there are always some experienced members on the council.

What are the YPACs priorities?

2019-2020 YPAC Priorities:

  • Advise AHRMM on education (online and in-person, content and delivery mode) that will appeal to young professionals 35 and under
  • Refresh and revamp AHRMM’s mentoring program
  • Conceptualize and establish a volunteer-driven framework for a student outreach program to promote awareness of AHRMM and the health care supply chain profession
  • Create and organize two education sessions for the AHRMM Annual Conference (2 each for 2019 and 2020)
  • Establish networking opportunities at the AHRMM Annual Conference (within established budget)
  • Review AHRMM’s membership/fee structure as it relates to students and young professionals and provide recommendations for changes
  • Provide guidance to AHRMM on how to better market existing programs and opportunities to students and young professionals
  • Ensure mechanisms exist or create/propose new ways to capture data on prospects/members and program/service utilization in order to measure success and market programs more effectively

I am interested in serving on the YPAC, what are my next steps?

The application process will reopen in Fall of 2020.

What is the selection process for the YPAC?

Those individuals who meet eligibility requirements and wish to apply for a seat on the council will apply online and submit it to AHRMM via email. Applications will be reviewed and vetted by a 4-person panel comprised of AHRMM’s Chair-Elect, the YPAC Chair and Vice Chair (voting positions), and supported by AHRMM’s Field Engagement Specialist (non-voting position)*.

Finalists will be asked to participate in a web or phone-based interview with panel members.

Please note: In 2019 AHRMM will be selecting the Chair and Vice Chair from the initial field of candidates, therefore the panel will be represented by AHRMM Board members.

I have read all the FAQs and the information on AHRMM’s website, but I still have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Please contact Mary Kravenas, AHRMM’s Field Engagement Specialist at