Issues & Legislative Committee

The Issues & Legislative Committee reviews and understands the regulatory, environmental, quality of service and standards issues that impact the ability of the health care supply chain profession to achieve performance excellence from a cost, quality and outcomes perspective. Each member of the Issues & Legislative Committee will have a specific topic, agency or organization to monitor and report on during committee meetings. Each member will work with the intent of informing and advising the committee chair, staff liaison and AHRMM Board of pertinent issues and legislation and initiate strategic alliances as it relates to their topic or agency, drafting recommendations and position statements for AHRMM relative to these issues and legislation. This committee may make recommendations directly to the education committee for program content. The committee ensures activities align with the AHRMM Strategy Map.

Lisa Fohey, CMRP (Chair)
Director, Supply Chain
Children's Hospital of WI
Milwaukee, WI

Ed Hardin, CMRP, FACHE (Board Liaison)
Vice President, Supply Chain
Froedtert Health
Milwaukee, WI

John Hayes, CMRP
Director of Materials Management
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
Brighton, MA

Stephanie Hunt, CMRP
Director, Materials Management
Lake Health
Concord, OH

Laura Kowalczyk, JD, MPH
Associate Vice President Supply Chain Services
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Ellen Blix, MBA, CMRP
Account Director

Susan Morris, FAHRMM, CMRP, CPSM, C.P.M.
Healthcare Executive
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO

Andrew Swiontoniowski, CMRP
Senior Analyst
Vizient, Inc.
Forest Park, IL

Staff Liaison: Mike Schiller

It can be paid in one of the following ways (do not send payment information via email):

·         Mail check to the address on the invoice

·         Fax credit card information: 312-422-3609

·         Call with credit card information: 312-422-2765


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