2019 Provider Seat Candidate

Brian DolanBrian Dolan
Senior Director, Supply Chain
The University of Kansas Health System
Kansas City, KS

Describe why you are a good candidate for this leadership role.

I have had the privilege of serving in leadership roles since my career began. I was always seen as someone who had the capacity for professional leadership and I have continued to hone this craft. I had led initiatives from implementing Epic in a perioperative space, distributor conversions and other various large-scale system change projects. My proudest was shaping the direction of Supply Chain at my current employer. When I assumed this role in Supply Chain, my first project was to integrate the 10 distinct supply chain silos that existed within our organization.

With my background in Perioperative Services, I was able to bring together the standard Inpatient chain with the Operating Rooms, Cardiac Labs, Interventional Labs and other ancillary service areas across the health system. I also then brought in the entire ambulatory enterprise (120 departments that operated independently) under the new central supply chain department. Gains from this included centralizing the item master (previously 3 systems maintaining the item file) and managed down the cost of supply chain services by 30%. This also included driving a culture of service in the customer facing departments driving top-box customer satisfaction from 27% to 60% in two years through talent selection, accountability systems, and lean management principles. 

Working within a University setting has also provided me with the opportunity to teach. Education is a component of my career that I deeply value. I have been teaching college courses at The University of Kansas since 2009 in quality, management and finance. Not only has this afforded me a chance to provide the next generation with knowledge that impacts their career trajectory but it has given me the chance to expose youth to a potential career in supply chain. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to bring in several students to our supply chain but also to seek supply chain careers in other organizations. I currently sit on the Supply Chain Advisory Board for the University of Kansas School of Business to help shape the curriculum and involvement of the healthcare supply chain within the formal education setting. I have also in the last semester, been able to start a formal exposure program for School of Nursing graduate students to be exposure to supply chain management and even had a student select supply chain as their internship.

I am an excellent candidate for a board seat because of my drive to create change and do what is necessary for the patient. I see the potential and want to capture it!

Describe where you see health care evolving, and what you see supply chain’s role being in those future models.

Health care is a very unique position that although we are behind in some respects as compared to general industry, we have great opportunities to spearhead how supply chain influences the lives of consumers far beyond other sectors. I see us delving further into the usual suspects (data standards, blockchain, etc.) and driving clinical decision making as it relates to the products we work with every day. I always had a vision that a supply chain professional would be on the same playing field as a pharmacist (sub out drug knowledge for product knowledge).

We need to study the evolution of those clinical professions and see how we can establish a tangential pathway. The CQO movement is the right vehicle but we need to make sure that it is just something that we do not a special program. It needs to be the daily breath we breathe as supply chain professionals – every inhalation of inputs from our customers/patients and every exhalation being the outputs necessary to drive improved outcomes and drive clinical performance.

At the same time, I see us needing to make sure that our foundation is sound. We have a lot of work as a profession to develop standards of practice. Currently I see us all acting in different directions and on different levels of maturity. As a board, we should be aiming to ensure that all our constituents and members have the tools to start off on the same playing field. That would be something that I would be focused on as a board member. 

How will your leadership and vision strengthen AHRMM?

The mission of AHRMM has all the right stuff – advancement, education and advocacy – but I want to add the thread of innovation through my contributions. First, I would want to make sure that we are going back and making sure that we have a strong foundation that innovation can grow from. From my training in lean principles, we must always make sure that we have the foundation of our house set and sustainable (5S).

I would want us to think of we will evaluate that we are fulfilling our mission and ensure that we are driving the necessary changes in how the Board operates to accomplish our goals. I respect the work of the past and how we have operated to date, but we need to always question the status quo and continually assess the value of each service/output we provide as an organization.

When reviewing the AHRMM strategy map, we have all the right components but not as clear when setting deliverables and timelines for the change needs. We have a strong vision for the future of establishing a professional value in the field but we need to more clearly define not only where the professional organization will go but how we will provide the tools for each professional in the field to rise to that challenge.


Total number of years as AHRMM Member: 3
Years in health care: 18
Years worked in the health care supply chain profession: 10
Years worked in current position: 3
Number of direct reports: 5
Number of employees in your department: 141
Type of Organization you are employed by: Hospital/Medical Center

Describe your current position and responsibilities:

Role provides vision, expertise, and leadership to plan, develop, and implement strategic initiatives, cultural transformation, best practices, and best-in-class technology to lead The University of Kansas Health System to supply chain excellence. Scope includes Ambulatory, Acute and Procedural areas within all health system affiliated facilities. 

Participates in the execution of the health system financial plan as it relates to the system strategic planning activities; partners with finance leadership on translating financial goals into operational projects/initiatives and assists with communication strategies for operational leaders in the health system.


List service to local chapter and to AHRMM national, including all committee/task force involvement, and whether you served as a member or as chair, within the past 5 years.

I have been an advocate for membership in AHRMM. I have started programs at my work where we pay for Kansas chapter membership for all those that want to participate as well as recently paying for AHRMM membership. We have been lucky to have three professionals in our health system that have been involved formally as local chapter leaders. 

List Annual Conferences, Leadership Training Conferences, and Thought Leader Summits attended, including dates and locations, within the past 5 years:

  • Modern Healthcare Blog and Advisory Board-Case Study–Above the Line–Supplier Evaluation, 2015
  • AHRMM Conference, 2015
  • Global Health Exchange National Sales Meeting Presenter, 2015
  • Quest Diagnostics – Introduction to Supply Chain for Kansas City Lab Professionals, 2016
  • Stryker Sustainability National Sales Meeting (Panelist), 2018
  • AHRMM Board Stakeholder Meeting (P&G Innovation Center), 2019
  • Vizient Conference (annual attendance)

Service to professional associations or community organizations to which you belong, including all committees, whether you served as a member or as chair, the year(s) of service, any elected offices held and the year(s) held:

  • Vizient Supply Chain Steering Committee Member: 2016-2018
  • University of Kansas School of Business, Supply Chain, Advisory Board Member: 2018-Present
  • Captis Operations Committee Member: 2019