2019 Provider Seat Candidate

Renne LandryRenee Landry
Vice President, Supply Chain
OU Medical Center
Oklahoma City, OK

Describe why you are a good candidate for this leadership role.

Forty years of experience in Health Care Supply Chain lends itself to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used to learn from, develop, and continue to grow an organization like AHRMM. I am an accomplished health care executive with significant experience in both hospital operations and consulting, with a record of managing to results and delivering solid results.

I am excellent at building effective relationships regardless of anyone’s title. My strong leadership skills include building collaborative teams, mentoring and motivating individuals, and supporting staff growth and development. I am a strategic and visionary thinker providing a multidimensional approach drawn from a broad base of experience in a variety of health care settings. I am highly skilled at innovation via collaboration.

Describe where you see health care evolving, and what you see supply chain’s role being in those future models.

Health care is evolving at a rapid pace. Priorities are shifting as the health care supply chain continues to increase in complexity, with a rapidly evolving channel and distribution network. With dwindling reimbursements, this has intensified health care providers’ focus on supply chain management.

High performing supply chain organization’s must continue to tune their performance and increase their efficiency by using discipline, to align their supply chain processes with the high demands of our constant changing environment. Some of the disciplines include:

  • Becoming a strategic asset that aligns with the overall strategy of the organization.
  • End to end processes that are integrated across supply chain.
  • Design our organizations for performance, thus designating supply chain executives as key members of the C-suite.
  • Effective models that enable collaboration to leverage a wide range of partnerships for maximum strategic and financial growth.
  • Must have metrics to drive success by making performance of critical supply chain processes highly visible and actionable.
  • Regularly examine the overall health of our supply chain assets and infrastructure to identify gaps and make the necessary adjustments.

How will your leadership and vision strengthen AHRMM?

I don’t believe in the status quo, which is one reason that AHRMM’s mission resonates with me; advancing health care…committed to health improvement. It is through these strides that has enabled AHRMM to affect the changes within the industry as they have. AHRMM has always been in the forefront in pushing supply chain to different heights in the industry, through their development goals and their advocacy we have all seen the impact and influence they have had in advancement the significance of supply chain within the health care industry.

The CQO movement is one great example of their strategic focus on raising the bar for supply chain and the impact that can be seen in expanding supply chain’s focus beyond just the expense, but now on quality and outcomes. This has been a key factor in the successful clinical integration that we are seeing in organization’s today. 


Total number of years as AHRMM Member: 25+ years
Years in health care: 40 years
Years worked in the health care supply chain profession: 40 years
Years worked in current position: 2 years
Number of direct reports: 8
Number of employees in your department: 68
Type of Organization you are employed by: Hospital/Medical Center

Describe your current position and responsibilities:



List service to local chapter and to AHRMM national, including all committee/task force involvement, and whether you served as a member or as chair, within the past 5 years.

My service in the last 5 years has been limited. I took a sabbatical for 24 months. My return back to supply chain was eye opening, just to see the significant amount of change within the industry during that time. This is one of the reasons that I am anxious to return to my previous level of commitment and involvement in AHRMM. The rapid pace that the industry is changing needs to have organizations like AHRMM guiding and managing that change.

List Annual Conferences, Leadership Training Conferences, and Thought Leader Summits attended, including dates and locations, within the past 5 years:

See above comments.

Service to professional associations or community organizations to which you belong, including all committees, whether you served as a member or as chair, the year(s) of service, any elected offices held and the year(s) held:

Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, Faith Church