George R. Gossett Leadership Award

The George R. Gossett Leadership Award is presented by AHRMM in memory of George R. Gossett, an early president of the association. Gossett envisioned the prominence of supply chain in health care and championed the educational and professional development of the discipline. It is the highest honor bestowed by the association, and is given to an individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary level of leadership and professionalism in the field, made significant contributions to AHRMM, or advanced the health care supply chain.

The award is presented at the AHRMM Annual Conference & Exhibition. Every recipient is recognized in a special presentation and receives an award for their contributions. AHRMM also covers Annual Conference travel expenses for the award recipient.

Leadership Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of AHRMM’s Leadership Award past and present. Each award recipient has demonstrated an extraordinary level of leadership and professionalism in the resource and materials management field and has made significant contributions to AHRMM.

Past Recipients

2018 - Deborah Sprindzunas
2016 - Christopher J. O'Connor
2015 − Brent T. Johnson
2013 − Jay Kirkpatrick
2011 − Jamie C. Kowalski 
2010 − Jean Sargent

2007 − John Mateka
2006 − Colonel Marc Sager
2004 − Al Cook
2002 − Renee Landry
2001 − Dale Montgomery

1999 − Robert Shackelford
1998 − William McFaul
1997 − Robert Simpson
1996 − Bill Donato
1995 − Michael Louviere
1994 − Thomas Hughes
1992 − John Gaida
1990 − Sam Raudenbush

1988 − Ned Gerber
1987 − Carol Lyonnais
1986 − David Matthews
1984 − Barry Novick
1983 − Donald J. Siegle
1982 − Joseph C. LaNier
1980 − Lillian Matiska

1979 − Alex Vallas
1978 − Dean S. Ammer
1975 − Ethicon Corporation

1969 − Sam White
1968 − Helen Nicholson
1967 − Paul Widman
1966 − S. Earl Thompson

Leadership Award Nominations

Nominations for the George R. Gossett Leadership Award are accepted from active AHRMM members only. All nominations are reviewed and the recipient is chosen by the AHRMM Board of Directors. Learn More »