Michael Hildebrandt, CMRP

Region 8 Candidate

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Michael Hildebrandt, CMRP
Associate Vice Pesident of Supply Chain
Scottsdale Healthcare
7400 East Osborn Road
Scottsdale, AZ  85251
(480) 882-4743








Member of AHRMM for 8 years.
33 years of experience in the resource and materials management field.


Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP)

Current Position and Responsibilities

Type of Organization: Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)
1.5 years in current position


 Purchasing Department 

 Supply Chain Scorecards 

 Mail Room 

 Central Transport and Logistics

 New Technology

 Courier Services

 Lift Team

 Clinical Supply Chain

 Contract Negotiations 

 Capital Equipment

 Vendor Credentialing

 GPO Coordination

Value Analysis Process

 Overall hospital supply budget     

 Quality Performance Improvement










Service to Local Chapter

Currently running for president-elect of the Arizona AHRMM chapter
Member in AZ for 1.5 years.

Service to AHRMM National


AHRMM Annual Conferences and Leadership
Training Conferences

I have attended AHRMM national conferences during the past 8 years

Other Professional Associations and/or Community Service

Board member of Arizona State University Healthcare Research Consortium, 2007-2009
Certified Materials & Resource Professional, 2000-2009
Member of the Amerinet Group Purchasing Organization - Member Input Board, 2007-2009
United Way Campaign Loaned Executive, 2000-2007
Malcolm Baldridge Task Force Member, 2005-2009
Value Analysis Chairman, 2000-2009
Infection Control Committee Member, 2000-2007
Capital Equipment Chairman, 2000-2007
Capital Equipment Member, 2007-2009
Finance Committee Member, 2007-2009
Leadership Council Member, 2007-2009
Joint Medical Staff meeting attendee, 2007-2009
Member of the Arizona AHRMM Association, 2007-2009

Why you are seeking this position?

After spending 35 years in the healthcare supply chain, I would like to contribute to the enhancement of the AHRMM goals of education and the professional advancement of its members. I am an advocate of sharing successes, benchmarking and working collaboratively with my peers and would be honored to continue to do so within AHRMM.

How can you advance AHRMM's mission to advance healthcare through supply chain excellence?

I believe that supply chain excellence can be achieved through a collaborative effort between physicians, clinicians and supply chain professionals. By working together as a team, patient care and clinical outcomes will improve. I have successfully implemented this collaborative model and I would like to share my experience with the AHRMM members.

Identify 3 - 5 strategic priorities you think AHRMM should undertake and your reasons for identifying them as important.

1. The most important AHRMM Strategic priority is to promote education and professional advancement for the AHRMM members. I feel this is the cornerstone of the AHRMM organization and should always remain its primary focus.

2. The implementation of GS1 Healthcare Data Standards is high on the list of objectives that need to be addressed. This will catapult the healthcare industry into the competitive marketplace of retail operations and enable it to reduce overall distribution costs by nearly 12 billion dollars.

3. The healthcare industry must become environmentally responsible through programs such as: recycling, reprocessing, remanufacturing and more efficient use of energy resources. This is a "must have" on any list of priorities for the future.

Identify your personal and professional qualities that will be valuable in the position for which you are being considered.

Personal qualities which have prepared me for a position on the AHRMM Board include integrity, patience, seasoned listening skills and a great sense of humor.

Professional qualities include, experience in supply chain leadership for 30+ years, CMRP certification since 2000, Arizona State University Research Consortium Board Member, singled out for the Journal of Healthcare Contracting magazine as one of the "Top Ten People to Watch for 2008", VHA Supply Chain Leadership Award winner in 2008.

How will you use these qualities to benefit AHRMM, the Board, and the members?

Through diligence, self application and hard work, I would hope that my experience and personal qualities would assist me in serving the Board as an effective and forward thinking member.

What do you expect to be your single, greatest contribution to AHRMM as a Board member?

I would like to concentrate on increasing membership and enthusiasm for AHRMM by providing continual discussion and education for its members targeting cutting edge issues impacting the world of supply chain.

Describe one transformational experience in your professional life you have been involved with and what you have learned from this experience.

In 1979 while living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and working at North Beach Medical Center, hurricane David struck. Knowing I would be needed at the hospital for emergency supply situations, I packed up my entire family, including my infant daughter and pregnant wife to spend the next couple of days at the hospital as traveling to and from was not possible. During this time, I came to the realization that healthcare is truly a 24/7 operation. There are no down times, no breaks, no reprieves. This concept of the healthcare continuum was ingrained in me early in my career and I have never forgotten or faltered in my commitment to the patient.