CMRP Certification


Cost, Quality, Outcomes 


Nationally recognized, the Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) is a premier credential that provides distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 


A progressive education curriculum to help supply chain professionals gain the expertise needed to effectively manage the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes (CQO).  


Knowledge Center 


Online Certificate Series

  A collection of healthcare supply chain related educational materials, tools, links to articles, books, and other resources, including downloadable PDFs.  

Four Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Certificate programs in the areas of inventory, logistics, negotiations, and purchasing.


Online Courses


Upcoming Events

  AHRMM offers online courses and certificate programs designed for healthcare supply chain professionals at every level.  

Full calendar of meetings and events for members and the industry at large. For local events hosted by Affiliated AHRMM Chapters click here.




Fellow & White Papers


Live and on-demand webinars are available on various educational topics.


Analytical resources for exploring and confronting the challenges faced in the supply chain.

Note: AHRMM offers CEUs for selected on-demand webinars. The CEUs will be awarded upon successful completion of a webinar assessment test.