Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Contact Hours

Contact Hours are used for renewal of the CMRP credential. A Contact Hour is defined as 50 to 60 minutes of educational experience. To qualify for credit, all activities must be at least 30 minutes and must be reported in 30-minute increments.

To learn more about Contact Hours for CMRP certification, visit the AHA Certification Center.

AHRMM Programs

To see a current list of Contact Hours offered through AHRMM’s educational programs and events, visit Programs & Events. As you participate in programs, you can track your progress using AHRMM's Contact Hour Tracking Report spreadsheet. Download the Contact Hour Tracking Report now.

Chapter & Outside Programs

Local chapters and other outside organizations can offer Contact Hours through AHRMM for educational programs and courses. All programs must meet specific guidelines and must be pre-approved by AHRMM.