The Award for Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation
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Supply chain professionals throughout the industry are continually developing and implementing creative solutions to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. AHRMM, with over 4,200 members, provides a dynamic forum for this collective intelligence to be shared. As healthcare organizations continue to be challenged, AHRMM recognizes the need for even greater collaboration. It is with this in mind that AHRMM created The Award for Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation. AHRMM is asking professionals of healthcare organizations to submit innovative ideas and concepts that they have implemented with demonstrated positive results in the healthcare supply chain. The goal of this award is not only to recognize a healthcare organization and team for implementing leading innovation but also to share the submissions with the AHRMM membership through the Knowledge Center on AHRMM's website.

It is important to note that innovation has different meanings to different people. At AHRMM we look at innovation on a continuum, from the radically innovative to the less complicated process improvement. All of these innovations have value when shared with other supply chain professionals to help the advancement of the field and contribute to quality, cost-effective patient care. We encourage you to share your organization's innovations or notify us of your supply chain colleagues who are doing innovative programs within their organizations.



Applications may be submitted by an individual, on behalf of a team, who is currently employed by or in a healthcare facility. Members of the Selection Panel and their organizations are not eligible.


The Award will be presented on Monday, July 29, 2013 at the opening general session of the Annual Conference and Exhibition (AHRMM13) to be held in San Diego, California, July 28-31. The Award recipient will receive the following:

Two additional submissions will receive special recognition in an article in AHRMM's newsletter and on the Knowledge Center of AHRMM's website.

All complete entries will be reviewed and shared with the AHRMM members though the website's Knowledge Center if deemed appropriate by the Selection Panel.


The appropriate individual representing the healthcare organization and team selected for the leading innovation will be expected to:


Each entry must be completed according to the guidelines. Only one entry can be submitted from any single healthcare facility, although multiple entries can be submitted from a healthcare system as long as each entry is for a separate facility.

All applications and information supplied for this award will remain strictly confidential. Do not submit original materials. By submitting an entry, all individuals and organizations named in the application agree to release their names, likenesses and all of the submitted materials for publication at any time by the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) and/or the American Hospital Association (AHA).


Submissions including tools (i.e. templates, spreadsheets, etc.) must follow the General Rules and Guidelines below. There is no limit on the number submitted per application as long as the tools are transportable to other facilities, systems, etc. Tools must be emailed to AHRMM at All emails with tools must include your name and a brief description of the tool's relevance to the entry.


Each submission may include up to three (3) additional visual data/documents supporting the project/initiative. Visual data and documentation can include charts, graphs, photos, drawings, floor plans, maps, etc. If your submission includes any visual documentation, please note the following:


  1. Do not identify your organization or constituent groups by name, location or geographic description in any way within the essay. Instead:
    • Describe your organization as, for example, "a three-hospital delivery network, serving a metropolitan area and surrounding region of about 250,000 people."
    • Describe your constituent group as "the largest local employer, with 15,000 employees" for example.
  2. Screen shots, charts and other graphics are acceptable. Any reference to the organization, including any headings, logos or URLs, must be deleted. The Supply Chain Innovator Award team reserves the right to delete any graphics with information that identifies the organization.
  3. The Selection Panel will review all entries for any identifying information. Entries with identifying information may be disqualified.


All submission must be received by April 15. NO DEADLINE EXTENSION


All submissions will be reviewed by AHRMM staff to verify completeness. An independent Selection Panel of professionals associated with the healthcare resource and materials management field will judge all entries solely based on the information provided. The Selection Panel will evaluate submissions on the following criteria:

All information provided as part of the application must be verifiable. If the nominated project/initiative is considered, the individual nominee or a team representative may be asked to participate in a formal interview with all or part of the Selection Panel to discuss and/or explain the project/initiative. For examples of previous year's top submissions, click here.


Phone: (312) 422-3839
Fax: (312) 278-0469


AHRMM reserves the right to change any part of these guidelines at any time without prior notification.


Please note: This document cannot be saved and re-entered. We recommend that you use a text editor to answer the following. Copy/paste your information into this form when you have completed all the questions.

You must complete all sections of the application providing a concise but detailed answer to each question. All information provided will be used for the preparation of award(s). Be sure that all information is accurate.

      1. Please provide a Title.
      2. Please provide a Project Description or Executive Summary.
      3. Please provide the Business Objective (purpose, goal, how the initiative supports the organization's strategic mission/goals).
      4. Please describe the Constituent Group(s) Served (e.g., patients, physicians, other providers, employees).
      5. Please explain Cost and Benefit (strategic, operational, clinical, financial including return on investment).
      6. Please detail specific steps of the Implementation.
      7. Please explain Key Obstacles and Solutions.
      8. Please describe benefits gained from project/initiative.
      9. Please provide Transportable (to other facilities, systems, etc.) tools (i.e. templates spreadsheets, schedules, policy/procedure) to be included with the submission for use by AHRMM members.

Demographic Information

Entrant’s Name
Facility/Organization Name

Are you an AHRMM member?
Credentials/Certification(s) of Entrant
Number of Full Time Equivalent Employees in Your Department
Number of Employees on Your Team
Number of Licensed Beds
Annual Budget

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