As the healthcare supply chain field continues to grow, there is no better time than now to join AHRMM, which provides forward thinking solutions for the supply chain professionals at all levels of both large and small organizations. From unparalleled continuing education, networking opportunities with suppliers and service providers, and 24/7 access to resources designed to help successfully manage the intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO), you’ll be well equipped to meet your organizational goals and advance your career in the field.

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Member Categories

To meet individual members’ expectations and the ever-evolving healthcare supply chain profession, AHRMM membership is structured to include the following membership categories:





Supply Chain Provider

Individuals employed by a healthcare provider - hospitals, acute care facilities, non-acute care facilities, etc.




Individuals employed by vendors, GPOs, consultants, trade press, etc.



Active Duty Military

Individuals serving as active duty military personnel.



Supply Chain Executive

Provider members with titles such as CEO, VP, EVP, etc.



Young Professional Associate

Provider or military members age 30 or younger.


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Full-Time Student

Individuals enrolled as full-time students.


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Individuals retired from the work force.


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* Qualifying information required. Contact AHRMM at ahrmm@aha.org to apply for Young Professional Associate, Full-Time Student, or Retiree membership.

Member Benefits

It’s worth your time to be an AHRMM member. AHRMM is the leading professional association that provides the essential education, support, networking, and resources you need to excel in the materials management field. Together we will shape the future of the healthcare supply chain.

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