General Sessions

Monday, August 1

Keynote Sponsor: Halyard

Why Winners Win

Robyn Benincasa Inspired by a Fast Company Magazine article entitled "Extreme Teamwork," which featured Robyn’s team of World Champion adventure athletes as well as "Winners" from all walks of life, Robyn’s keynote outlines the common traits, attitudes and mindset of the world’s most consistently high performing leaders in their eternal pursuit of world class results.

The 'Best of the Best' experience times of great challenge and change just like everyone else. But with characteristic Courage, Luck (Opportunity + Preparation), Adversity Management Skills, and a keen ability to create Synergy with their colleagues, Winners possess the ability to continually motivate and inspire themselves and those around them to the top of the podium in any endeavor.

The icing on the cake of the ‘Why Winners Win’ keynote? Attendees will experience the thrill of peak performance and exceptional leadership through Robyn’s incredible stories and breathtaking video footage of extreme teams in action. They will leave energized and empowered to create consistent world-class results in every aspect of their lives!

Robyn Benincasa is a World Champion Adventure Racer, award-winning motivational speaker, 3x Guinness World Record kayaker, San Diego firefighter, 10x Ironman triathlete, New York Times bestselling author, proud owner of two bionic metal hips, and the Founder and CEO of The 501c3 Project Athena Foundation, which helps survivors live an adventurous dream as part of their recovery.


Tuesday, August 2

All In: Using Collaboratives to Accelerate Improvement

Pat Teske As Brent James says, “In the face of ever-accelerating rates of health reform, the ability to quickly learn and adapt is an increasingly essential survival skill. Collaborative learning is a powerful method to rapidly spread knowledge. Yet knowledge comes in two flavors – knowledge that and knowledge how. Knowing that a bicycle has two wheels, a seat, handlebars and a foot-pedal crank, for example, stands in sharp contrast to the practical knowledge of how to ride a bike.” Supply chain professionals play an important role as healthcare transitions from volume based to value based reimbursement. By using a collaborative approach supply chain professionals can massively accelerate learnings and effective change.

Pat Teske is the implementation officer for Cynosure Health where she serves to develop and implement the strategic vision of the organization. For the past three decades, she has worked in the field of quality and safety at the hospital, system, state and national levels. She recently co-edited All IN: Using Healthcare Collaboratives to Save Lives and Improve Care. She has a particular interest in care transitions. Pat ran the Avoid Readmission through Collaboration effort in California from 2010 – 2015. This effort resulted in 9,000 prevented readmissions and 86 million dollars saved. She is currently the readmission clinical topic lead for the AHA HRET HEN.

Wednesday, August 3

Face Time vs. Facebook Time: Communicating Across the Generation Gap

Jake Greene There is a massive communication gap between the Generations that grew up in front of computers and those who adapted to computers as adults. Offices around the country are plagued by miscommunication stemming from email etiquette, social media policies, and inconsistent online/offline personalities.

This program focuses on identifying several key differences in the way generations communicate and leveraging the strengths of each group. Additionally, senior executives will gain insight into the habits and attitudes of young professionals by studying TV, movies, and music from their pop culture upbringing.

Jake Greene is an acclaimed business author, speaker, and an award-winning filmmaker whose work explores the intersections of social and professional networking as well as inter-generational innovation, teams, and relationships. Over the past decade, Jake has worked with Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed startups, and government agencies, while also developing concepts for multiple television networks.
In 2014, Jake created “Millennial Parents”, an award-winning digital series about the next generation of domestication that was featured in USA TODAY, HuffPost, Buzzfeed, and Headline News.  
Born and raised in Minnesota, Jake graduated from Stanford University with a BA in International Communication and a Master’s in Sociology, focusing on Organizational Dynamics.