CMRP Scholarships

AHRMM offers scholarships for receiving and renewing the nationally recognized Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) credential. Up to 50 eligible AHRMM members who apply for the CMRP exam or renewal scholarship between October 4, 2018 and October 18, 2018 will receive a voucher for the full CMRP exam fee or authorization to renew with the renewal fee waived.

This is a limited-time, exclusive offer only available to active AHRMM members who meet the CMRP eligibility requirements.


  • ALL Applicants must be active AHRMM members in good standing with the Association.
  • Applicants may not have received a CMRP Scholarship in the past 3 years (since 1/31/2015).
  • Applicants may not have received any other AHRMM scholarships within the last year, including the AHRMM18 scholarship.
  • Applicants for the exam scholarship must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the CMRP Candidate Handbook.
  • Applicants for the renewal scholarship must meet the requirements outlined in the CMRP Renewal Application. If you are taking the exam in order to renew your CMRP, you must apply for the CMRP Exam Scholarship.

Required Documents:

Applicants interested in applying for the CMRP Exam Scholarship must complete and submit the CMRP Exam Scholarship Application (please review qualifications and instructions).

Applicants interested in applying for the CMRP Renewal Scholarship must apply by submitting the CMRP Renewal Scholarship Application (please review qualifications and instructions).

For more information on the CMRP credential, please visit the AHA Certification Center.

Important Notes for all Applications:

This offer does not apply to any existing exam or renewal applications or to members who have recently become certified (or re-certified). Exam and renewal applications already submitted are not eligible for this scholarship.

Successful exam scholarship applicants will receive a voucher for the exam fee. Recipients must submit this voucher with the CMRP exam application to AMP before the voucher expires. AMP will notify applicants following receipt and processing of the voucher. Applicants must take the exam by December 31, 2018. Those interested in taking the exam at a later date are encouraged to consider applying for a scholarship offered next year.


Questions about your scholarship? Contact AHRMM at or 312-422-3840.

Conference & Exhibition Scholarships

AHRMM is pleased to offer financial assistance to qualifying members for attending the annual AHRMM Conference & Exhibition. The applications process for conference scholarships is closed. Please check back in 2019.

Scholarships: Only Available to AHRMM Members

Not a Member? Scholarships are solely for educational use and only available to current AHRMM members.

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CMRP Certification

Learn more about the journey of becoming the CMRP certificant:

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