Darcy Aafedt Darcy Aafedt, CMRP, FAHRMM    

Decision Support Senior Manager, Banner Health, Chandler, AZ    

Joined AHRMM in 2006

1. Please share your history of involvement with AHRMM committees/task forces/activities:

I have been an active member of AHRMM since 2006. I have participated in the Chapter Relations and Membership Committees. I served as Membership Committee chair for two years. I am currently a member on the Fellow Review Committee and i'm on my last term as an AHRMM Board member. I have presented at AHRMM conferences in 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2015, and 2017. I achieved CMRP certification in 2009 and AHRMM Fellow (FAHRMM) designation in 2012.

2. Tell us more about your specific job responsibilities in your company/hospital/organization:

As Decision Support Manager for Banner Health, I provide leadership to drive supply chain cost improvement across the entire health system to achieve system-wide supply cost strategic initiatives through contract compliance, standardization, utilization, cost per case, and margin improvements in various procedural areas.

I am responsible for the planning, analysis, and presentation of supply chain information used to determine the direction and financial strategies assuring achievement of initiative goals. I manage the work of staff, oversee ongoing development of clinical/financial reporting, and work with multi-disciplinary teams to decrease product use variation and costs through the development of consensus supply savings programs and initiatives.

3. How many years have you been in your current role; how many years in supply chain?

I have been in my current role since 2011. I have worked in healthcare supply chain since 2001.

4. What aspect of your job do you like best?

I enjoy the variety of work and the challenge of taking something unorganized and organizing it to make decisions. I look forward to thinking of creative solutions that will improve daily operations.

I have designed, developed, and implemented many process improvement projects, including the development and implementation (at no additional cost to our organization) of an Idea Center, which engages everyone throughout Banner Health in the identification and implementation of supply expense savings ideas.

5. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

As a manager, I recently struggled to fill two open data analyst positions. I believe that strong data analytical skills are in high demand within healthcare supply chain. I believe we need data that will help drive decisions that are best for our patients and our organizations that consider cost, quality, and outcomes. Solid analytics and analysts are critical in supporting this effort. Neither are easy to access.  In my interview process I was reminded how different we are from supply chain professionals in other areas such as manufacturing. There are notable differences in a variety of areas ranging from data standards to salary. We know healthcare tends to be lower in salary. I also know that we in healthcare supply chain choose to be here for reasons other than salary. We want to be here for our patients, and do our part to provide excellent patient care. Being removed from the bedside, it can be difficult to remember our patients when the data is challenging to organize, the resources are tight, and time is short. 

6. Who is your mentor/key influencer, and why?

Over the last couple of years I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the art community. It has taught me about patience, perseverance, and building up layers. When you are young, you draw freely and create without judgment, and then something happens and you get stuck - comparing yourself/your work to others’ and self-doubt pushes many people away from art. If we can’t create a fine masterpiece, why create? For that one piece of fine art in a gallery, how many hours of study, practice, discipline, and messy work went in that we don’t see? That is a big influencer for me. If I want to create the masterpiece I need to show up every day. If I happen to make a mistake, keep going… it’s just another layer.

7. What AHRMM board/committee/task forces/activity/experience stands out/is most memorable for you?

I really enjoyed serving on the Chapter Relations Committee. It was my first committee, which may be why it’s memorable. The committee connected me to a larger community. I looked forward to seeing everyone at the conference each year and sharing ideas. I then grew excited to learn and bring information and ideas back to my local chapter and organization.

8. Why did you join AHRMM/what keeps you coming back?

Membership in AHRMM and my local chapter AHMMA are big reasons I am still in healthcare supply chain. When I joined, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in healthcare supply chain. I joined to see what I could learn, and confirm whether healthcare supply chain was the right fit for me. Today I can say “yes, it is.” Without us and the supplies we manage there would be no patient care. Every day we are challenged to question and seek better ways to conduct our business in a manner that is right for our patients and our organization. That is no easy feat, but we continue to show up and take on the challenge each day.

9. Name one AHRMM tool you “cannot do without”:

I look forward to the new published fellow papers. They highlight areas of healthcare supply chain that I may not be involved in my day-to-day world and I look forward to learning from them.

10. What are key AHRMM resources you use to leverage your supply chain processes?

AHRMM Connect

11. What is the best part of being involved in your professional association?

AHRMM is my professional tribe. I look forward to the national conference each year and networking online throughout the year. AHRMM shows us that we are not alone. We have similar supply challenges in multiple states and countries.

12. What is something most of your peers don’t know about you?

I enjoy many forms of art and creativity from messy painting to photography and writing.

13. In my free time I like to:

I enjoy spending time with my family and all things art related – especially paintings, photography, and writing. I have two daughters who enjoy art and creativity as well.

14. Personal Motto or Favorite Quote:

I’m always on the lookout for inspiring quotes. Currently “Life is not an exact science, it is an art.” By Samuel Butler and “Find joy in each day” by Saint Philip Neri are on the top of the list.