Materials Management Review Guide 5th Edition

Publish Date: January 01, 2013 | Content Areas: Professional Development | Tags: CMRP | Formats: Publication

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ISBN: 978-0-615-92087-0 | Number of Pages: 152


An updated version of the CMRP exam will be released on August 12, 2018. In conjunction with the new exam, AHRMM will be releasing the sixth edition of the review guide and an updated CMRP eLearning course in June 2018. If you are planning on taking the exam August 12 or later, we recommend waiting to purchase the new study materials.

The Materials Management Review Guide is available in print and eBook formats.

Like the CMRP Exam itself, the Materials Management Review Guide 5th Edition covers these important topics:

  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Product Value Analysis
  • Inventory Distribution Management
  • Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership

Be better prepared for the CMRP Examination and get your copy of the 5th Edition of the Materials Management Review Guide today.