2016 AHRMM CQO Report: CQO and the Triple Aim: Supply Chain's Strategic Connection

August 01, 2016 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: CQO | Formats: Report/Study
Authors: AHRMM

In 2016, AHRMM convened the AHRMM CQO Task Force, a group of healthcare leaders collaborating to identify real world examples of supply chain’s alignment with the Triple Aim. The IHI Triple Aim framework was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Massachusetts to describe an approach to optimizing health system performance (www.ihi.org).

The Task Force objectives were founded upon the CQO & The Triple Aim infographic, developed by an AHRMM Board task force, where case study submissions tie-into one or more of the five Supply Chain Alignment areas. The accompanying graphic outlines supply chain’s critical role in fulfilling the Triple Aim: from supporting the delivery of healthcare information to individuals and families to system integration.

This report contains seven case studies on healthcare organizations that have successfully aligned their supply chains to the CQO Movement and the Triple Aim through initiatives such as supply and process standardization to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs), to logistical improvements aimed at delivering better patient care to the bedside and beyond.

The intention of this report is to share best practices and generate discussion around supply chain’s connection to these two key initiatives, thereby empowering healthcare supply chain professionals to improve the quality of patient care while driving greater efficiency and better financial outcomes for their organizations.