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  • Supply Chain Disaster Preparedness Manual

    June 30, 2017 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: Disaster/Outbreak Preparedness | Formats: Tool

    Preparing for disasters is a much more difficult task than preparing for the day-to-day emergencies that a healthcare facility or system faces. Disaster preparation goes beyond the healthcare facility walls. It involves coordination with community partners and federal and state responders. Disaster preparation calls for everyone to work together for a common goal: to meet the needs of the community in a time of extreme devastation. This manual provides a framework for preparing for such a coordinated and collaborative response to a disaster.

  • Dangerous Infusion Errors Top ECRI Institute’s Annual Health Technology Hazards List

    March 01, 2017 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Capital Equipment, Central Sterile, CQO, Disaster/Outbreak Preparedness, Pharmacy | Formats: Article

    The safe use of health technology—from infusion pumps to complex imaging systems—requires that healthcare facilities recognize the possibility of danger or difficulty with those technologies and that they take steps to minimize the likelihood of adverse events.

  • Zika Virus Update: Clinical Implications for the Healthcare Environment

    October 13, 2016 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: Disaster/Outbreak Preparedness | Formats: On-Demand Recording | CPE Credit: 1

    The CDC continually updates guidelines to prevent transmission of the Zika virus. Access this on-demand recording discussing the latest information on this ongoing threat to public health that has greatly impacted healthcare facilities across the US. 

  • Painful Product Conversions

    August 15, 2016 | Content Areas: Value Analysis | Tags: Clinical Resource Management, Lean/Six Sigma | Formats: White Paper

    This AHRMM Fellow paper describes the development of a multidisciplinary and innovative product conversion process at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Massachusetts, when the existing process for changing products was dysfunctional. Indeed, effective change management is critical to achieving successful outcomes. The paper will explore some of the reasons why change fails; including lack of healthy working relationships, failure to communicate effectively, lack of leadership, lack of commitment, and inadequate planning. By examining the background of DFCI, and its products and standards team in particular, this paper investigates the reasons why the current process of changing products was failing. The writer will take a particularly close look at the relationship between nursing and the supply chain. The included case studies review actual conversions—one before implementation of a new product conversion process and one after. The latter case study describes the tools and processes that helped make the product conversion successful, among them Lean tools to help map out original and current states and identify problem points. The resulting product conversion process is easy to follow and equally easy to implement. This paper is presented as a way of sharing a process and tool that are customizable for any organization.

  • Privacy and Security in a Digitally Connected World

    Beyond the technology challenges, hospitals and healthcare systems must also comply with an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. It starts with technology and regulatory compliance, but it also relies on both people and process change, within your own organization and those of your business partners. Hear from the chief privacy and security officer at a national healthcare system on what you can do to protect your organization and your patients. Presented in collaboration with HIMSS.

  • Cyber Security: What You Need to Know

    March 17, 2016 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Data Standards, Disaster/Outbreak Preparedness, MMIS | Formats: Podcast

    Cyber security vulnerabilities and intrusions pose risks for every hospital and its reputation. Become aware of what you can do to prevent cyber security in your facility.

    Presenter: Howard Mann, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Cardiovascular Care Group

  • Reduction of Costs Related to Blood Products and Services - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

    August 20, 2015 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: Analytics, Contracting, CQO, Disaster/Outbreak Preparedness, Suppliers | Formats: Leading Practice

    Read how the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center maintained or even enhanced quality of care while driving down costs related to blood products and services.

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