Welcome to AHRMM's health care supply chain Lexicon. This database contains terms used throughout the health care supply chain field. Simply click on the link to access the entire definition.

AHRMM thanks Kate Vitasek and Supply Chain Visions for their contribution of certain terms to the Lexicon. Terms supplied by Supply Chain Visions are used with permission. Supply Chain Vision’s Glossary of Supply Chain Management Terms appears on the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals website. AHRMM also acknowledges Michael B. Neely with Perimeter Solutions Group for his role in developing health care-specific terms.

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= definition provided by CSCMP
= definition provided by AHRMM
  • C & F

    See Cost and Freight
  • C-TPAT

    See Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism
  • CABG

    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • Cabotage

    A federal law that requires coastal and inter-coastal traffic to be carried in U.S.-built and -registered ships.
  • CACs or CECs

    See Certified Application (or Enrollment) Counselors
  • CADD

    stands for computerized ambulatory drug delivery. The acronym "CADD" is part of the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN), which is an international system for identifying medical devices and products. The pumps are utilized primarily for pain relief and are often distributed by hospital or clinic pharmacies to allow patients to return to a home setting with infusion on-demand, usually with a preprogrammed ceiling to avoid intoxication. The rate is controlled by a pressure pad or button that can be activated by the patient with the device coded to stop administration before a dose that may cause hazardous.

    See Customs Automated Data Exchange System