Welcome to AHRMM's health care supply chain Lexicon. This database contains terms used throughout the health care supply chain field. Simply click on the link to access the entire definition.

AHRMM thanks Kate Vitasek and Supply Chain Visions for their contribution of certain terms to the Lexicon. Terms supplied by Supply Chain Visions are used with permission. Supply Chain Vision’s Glossary of Supply Chain Management Terms appears on the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals website. AHRMM also acknowledges Michael B. Neely with Perimeter Solutions Group for his role in developing health care-specific terms.

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= definition provided by CSCMP
= definition provided by AHRMM
  • E-Commerce

    See Electronic Commerce
  • E-mail

    See Electronic Mail
  • e-Marketplace

    A web based service which allows individuals or companies to offer products and services or make bids to buy products or services. Several of the GPOs have exchanges to promote this service.
  • EAI

    See Enterprise Application Integration

    European Article Numbering/ Uniform Code Council (now the European office of GS1). The EAN.UCC System provides identification standards to uniquely identify trade items, logistics units, locations, assets, and service relations worldwide. The identification standards define the construction of globally-unique and unambiguous numbers. See: GS1
  • EAN.UCC Information Network (EIN)

    EAN International and the Uniform Code Council network for the exchange of Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), master data between partners of the global supply and demand chain now a part of GS1
  • Early Supplier Involvement (ESI)

    The suppler management strategy which involves suppliers during the beginning of the product design process to draw on their experience and knowledge in an effort to better designs and higher quality results.