Welcome to AHRMM's health care supply chain Lexicon. This database contains terms used throughout the health care supply chain field. Simply click on the link to access the entire definition.

AHRMM thanks Kate Vitasek and Supply Chain Visions for their contribution of certain terms to the Lexicon. Terms supplied by Supply Chain Visions are used with permission. Supply Chain Vision’s Glossary of Supply Chain Management Terms appears on the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals website. AHRMM also acknowledges Michael B. Neely with Perimeter Solutions Group for his role in developing health care-specific terms.

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= definition provided by CSCMP
= definition provided by AHRMM
  • P & D

    Pickup and delivery.
  • P2P

    See Path to Profitability
  • P2P

    See Peer to Peer
  • P4P

    See Pay for Performance
  • Pack out

    In a fulfillment environment this refers to the operations involved in packaging and palletizing individual units of product for introduction into the warehouse distribution environment. For example, a contract 3PL may received or assemble units of product which need to be placed into retail packaging, then overpacked with a carton and then palletized.
  • Package to Order

    A postponement strategy where products are received in bulk or manufactured without final packaging to allow for a variety of packaging options for a single product. An example is where a product is shipped to retailers with packaging designed specifically for the individual retailer.
  • Packaging Indicator (PI)

    The first digit of the U.P.C. shipping container (EAN/UCC128) code that identifies the packaging level.