Dr. Li Ern Chen, MD MSCS

Dr. Li Ern Chen, MD MSCS

Physician Executive

Dr. Li Ern Chen is one of North America’s top experts in value and clinical experience and one of the brightest minds in health care innovation. As a surgeon, she is uniquely able to use her perspective from time spent in the trenches of care delivery to move the needle in health care. Dr. Chen is relentlessly committed to driving health care to achieve the quadruple aim.

She has leveraged the supply chain to improve health, increase value, optimize patient experience, and restore joy in work for the health care team. Her leadership has brought the voice of the front-line clinician into the executive board room, influencing product development, sourcing and contracting decisions.

 For her work, she was awarded the Healthcare Purchasing News 2016 P.U.R.E Award for Physicians Understanding, Respecting and Engaging Supply Chain professionals. Dr. Chen will be the physician advisor to the AHRMM Board beginning in 2020.


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