2021 AHRMM Call For Volunteers

The annual AHRMM Call for Volunteers begins in the Fall every year. Active AHRMM members are encouraged to share their expertise and contribute to the future success of AHRMM by volunteering for an AHRMM Committee! AHRMM Volunteers are afforded various opportunities for leadership development and peer networking within the committees they serve on.

Additionally, AHRMM Volunteers play an important role in the association, as they work with the AHRMM staff on key initiatives and projects, which benefit the association and the greater health care supply chain.

AHRMM members will be emailed when the Call for Volunteers opens in the Fall. If you are interested in volunteering for an AHRMM Committee please review the committee charges and rosters below to consider where your interests and skills may be the best fit. Please contact AHRMM Member Engagement Specialist, Kimberly Green, with any questions.

AHRMM Committees: