The Supply Chain Role in Supporting Exceptional, Cost-Effective Health Care (Sponsored White Paper Provided by Vizient)

The challenges facing health care today are not going away any time soon. Uncertainty in regulation, payment models, population health, aggregation and consolidation mean that hospitals have to perform at elite levels organization-wide, and that includes supply chain. Amidst the uncertainty, some truths remain:

  • Hospitals will not be paid more tomorrow than they are today for delivering patient care
  • Expectations of supply chain operations will continue to increase faster than available investment dollars
  • Continued segregation of clinical operations and supply chain operations is not a winning strategy for value-based care

Critical to the success of supply chain operations is finding an optimal mix of practical goals like cost reduction and providing opportunities for strategic growth in areas like clinical-to-supply integration, all the while, operating efficiently and increasingly doing more with less. Optimizing your supply chain operations means meeting these challenges head on. As overwhelming as they may seem, they are not insurmountable.

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