2019 AHRMM Board Election Results

The AHRMM membership elected Brian Dolan and Karen Morlan as new provider representatives and Tim Bugg as a new affiliate representative. Dolan, Morlan and Bugg will begin their three year AHRMM Board terms on January 1, 2020.

The 2019 AHRMM Board elected Steve Kiewiet as the chair-elect of the 2020 AHRMM Board. Kiewiet was elected to the AHRMM Board in 2017 as a provider representative. He will serve as AHRMM Board chair in 2021.


2020 AHRMM Board Chair-Elect

Steve Kiewiet, CMRP, FAHRMMSteve Kiewiet, CMRP, FAHRMM
Chief Commerical Officer

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New Provider Representatives

Brian Dolan, CMRP, MHSABrian Dolan, CMRP, MHSA
Senior Director, Supply Chain
The University of Kansas Health System

Karen Morlan, CMRP, MBAKaren Morlan, CMRP, MBA
Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

New Affiliate Representative

Tim Bugg, CMRPTim Bugg, CMRP
President and CEO
Capstone Health Alliance

Media Relations Contact

To inquire about a story or arrange an interview with a new AHRMM Board representative please contact:

Ms. Whitney Critten | wcritten@aha.org

Press Release

Download the official AHRMM Board election press release