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The most elite level of AHRMM membership, the Supply Chain Executive membership delivers a full access to everything AHRMM has to offer with our Provider Membership, PLUS, an Executive-level continuing education and an invitation to an annual Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Summit, hosted by AHRMM during the annual conference.

This membership type is offered to individuals employed by a health care provider with titles such as CEO, VP, EVP, etc.

Supply Chain Executive membership makes it easy to connect with other thought leaders across the health care spectrum to share knowledge, exchange best practices, and foster innovation to advance the supply chain profession and the field.

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$220 per 12-month period

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What Executive Members Say about AHRMM

Jay Kirkpatrick

Jay Kirkpatrick, CMRP, CEO, MidAmerica Division, HealthTrust, Brentwood, TN

AHRMM Member since 1996

"I was looking to invest in my career when I decided to get more involved with AHRMM. The relationships and friendships I have developed keep me coming back. The time I spent on the AHRMM Board is my most memorable experience. I had the pleasure to have served over six years with approximately 25 different board members and met so many talented supply chain professionals."

John Gaida

John Gaida, FAHRMM, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Texas Health Resources, Arlington, TX

AHRMM Member since 1980

"Mentoring, case studies, leading practices, white papers, and access to other members as some of the biggest perks of membership and engagement, and what keeps me coming back to AHRMM. The annual conference is one of AHRMM’s greatest assets and member benefits. It's a huge think-tank of all levels of supply chain folks, where presentations are all state-of-the-art and the networking opportunities are unparalleled. I cannot stress enough the need to work with your peers to develop new ideas, implement new trends, and generally find out what others are doing. In the last 36 years, I have only missed two annual conferences… and both for good reasons!"