AHRMM Membership | Organizational Benefits

Thank you for your interest in the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association.

By encouraging membership at their facility, organizations receive discounts on all AHRMM education and products on a sliding scale based on the number of members from their organization AHRMM Organizational membership can enhance your business and career.

Join AHRMM today and open the door to invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities with more than 4,300 health care supply chain providers and suppliers across the country.

Please contact AHRMM to learn more and join our organizational membership program!

Membership Costs

Level 1 11-20 Members - 15% Discount
$140.25 Provider
$204 Affiliate
Level 2 21-30 Members - 20% Discount
$132 Provider
$192 Affiliate
Level 3 31+ Members - 25% Discount
$123.75 Provider
$180 Affiliate



Join the community of more than 4,300 AHRMM members to increase your exposure to potential clients, develop new business contacts, learn who’s who in your field and raise your professional profile through participation in AHRMM committees or task forces. Make connections through the AHRMM Connect, Mentor Match, LinkedIn, Twitter, or face to face at the AHRMM Conference & Exhibition, the leading education and networking event for the health care supply chain field.


Add your voice to help shape health care supply chain strategy and effectiveness. Join the Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO) Movement and the Learning UDI Community (LUC) to drive improved patient care, greater financial outcomes and institutional efficiency. Expand your network and expertise, make your voice heard and give back to your professional community by volunteering to serve on a committee or the board.


Receive substantial savings on educational programs, events and the Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) designation, so you can continue to update your skills and get the latest scoop on trends. Earning a CMRP is a great way to diversify and expand your skill set, qualifications and marketability.


With an insider’s access to information about new initiatives, best practices and innovations in the health care supply chain, you can gain an advantage over non-member competitors, and stay on top of the field’s trends.

The Learning Center is your one stop shop for all of AHRMM’s educational resources, including eLearning courses, on-demand recordings, podcasts, webcasts, live webinar and other events. As an AHRMM member, you will receive free access to more than 70 webinars taught by leading experts and significantly reduced rates on all other education. You will also have a full access to the Knowledge Center with 300+ articles, white papers, reports, case studies and other resources. Search by content area, tag, format or keyword to find the information you need.

Discounts on Education by Group Size

eLearning Course

  • Level 1: 15% Discount - $41.65 per credit
  • Level 2: 20% Discount - $39.20 per credit
  • Level 3: 25% Discount - $36.75 per credit


As a member, you receive reduced rates to AHRMM Conference & Exhibition and other networking events designed to help supply chain affiliates expand market share and build and maintain professional relationships with health care providers, academics and consultants.

Discounts on Conference Registration by Group Size

  • Level 1: 15% Discount on early bird full conference registration - $595
  • Level 2: 20% Discount on early bird full conference registration - $560
  • Level 3: 25% Discount on early bird full conference registration - $525

Please contact AHRMM to learn more and join our organizational membership program!