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There are many career options in health care supply chain, and AHRMM can help you find the best path.

Evolving care models, clinical data analytics, technology and product innovations, patient care quality and safety, workflow optimization - these are just a few examples of the dynamic environment today’s health care supply chain professionals operate within.

The supply chain is the second largest operational expense for most hospitals so think of all the opportunities for innovation and strategic thinking! A supply chain career can span clinic, medical center, hospital, Group Purchasing Organizations, medical device sales, manufacturing, and distribution.

There is no better place to help improve the quality of people’s lives than health care and those working in supply chain are on the front lines of maximizing patient care and outcomes while ensuring organizational success.

Starting your career on the right foot can make all the difference. AHRMM can help you make those first steps by connecting you with supply chain professionals who are employed in your area of interest and can help you explore opportunities and various career paths in this exciting field.

Check out some of the AHRMM benefits below, and join us to access career planning resources and meet people ready to assist you with choosing a meaningful and rewarding role in health care supply chain.

Professional Community

Professional Community

Leverage the AHRMM network to shape your professional future. Pick the brain of someone who works in the field you want to go into or meet contacts who may help you find a job or internship.

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Find a mentor, review statistics on supply chain compensation, assess the job market before you start a job search, and hone in on what path you want to take as you begin your journey in the field.

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AHRMM membership gives you unlimited opportunity for growth and learning so you can continuously hone skills, strengths, and knowledge necessary to succeed in the highly dynamic work environments.

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View professional development webinars, listen to webcast or podcast, read curated content from Supply Chain Strategies & Solutions magazine, and apply for a scholarship to attend annual conference & exhibition.

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Interested in joining? Student membership is open to individuals enrolled full-time in a degree program. Please email ahrmm@aha.org with a letter from the registrar of your school or a current course schedule to confirm eligibility.


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AHRMM membership provides you with reduced rates on valuable publications, continuing education, and events.

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