National Health Care Supply Chain Week

National Health Care Supply Chain Week (SC Week) is October 6-12, 2019. In today’s rapidly shifting health care landscape, hospitals and health systems are increasingly challenged to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, without sacrificing the quality of care. Health care supply chain is uniquely positioned to connect various stakeholders across the continuum of care - no other group interacts with every major stakeholder internally and externally. It is this unique role that allows the supply chain professional to identify connections to deliver value in order to reduce costs, deliver efficiencies, and improve the quality of care for patients and communities.

Check back in fall 2019 for more information on #HCSCWeek!

About Supply Chain Week

Each year, the first week of October is dedicated to celebrating health care supply chain professionals for their outstanding contributions to health care and the overall success of the supply chain. Sponsored by AHRMM, National Health Care Supply Chain Week (SC Week) provides an opportunity to recognize the integral role supply chain professionals play in delivering high-quality patient care throughout the health care field.