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  • Discovering Health System Savings Opportunities in Data and Analytics

    March 21, 2019 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Analytics, Inventory Management, Sustainability | Formats: Article

    Having a platform that allows for accurate data capture and analytics enables savings opportunities for health systems.

    By Jack Simmons,NVP commercial services, Cardinal Health and Wavemark

  • Multiple Device Identifier Work Group Report

    March 19, 2019 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: Report/Study

    Read this report on the recommended practices related to the allocation of multiple unique device indicators (UDI-DI) and suggested ways to mitigate the occurrence or negative implication of multiple UDI-DIs.

  • Blockchain: A Breakthrough in Health Care Chain of Custody Issues?

    February 01, 2019 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Inventory Management | Formats: Article

    Blockchain technology provides a promising future for health care by improving the transparency in products and processes while providing advanced security measures to protect patients and confidential data.

  • Implementing LUM Could be the Change Agent your Supply Chain Needs

    February 01, 2019 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Inventory Management | Formats: Article

    Implementing a Low Unit of Measure (LUM) program at your organization has many benefits beyond reducing inventory.

  • How Integrated Delivery Networks Are Using Venture Capital To Shake Up The Supply Chain Model

    August 30, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: Strategic Sourcing, Suppliers | Formats: Article

    Venture capital is the fuel behind the strategic partnerships being created by delivery networks with suppliers and providers to speed up delivery of cutting-edge technologies to the supply chain, create new research and education programs, and lowering health care costs to all.

    Author: Antony Koblish, Co-Founder, President, CEO, Board Member, TELA Bio, Inc.

  • LUC Resources and Deliverables

    July 06, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: Tool

    AHRMM’s Learning UDI Community (LUC) is a health care collaborative effort, in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, established to address issues impacting the adoption and implementation of the Unique Device Identifier by developing a common understanding and approach within the health care setting. LUC work groups are comprised of a diverse group of health care supply chain professionals, who work together to develop progressive practices, proposed solutions, and resources to focus on topics that can accelerate UDI adoption. This document is a comprehensive listing of LUC resources and deliverables developed by the LUC work groups and includes best recommended practices, case studies, and power point content templates, with the goal of promoting and accelerating UDI adoption.

  • The Critical Link Between Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) and Unique Device Identification (UDI) White Paper

    July 04, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: CQO, Data Standards, Regulatory, UDI | Formats: White Paper

    In an effort to capture broader insights on UDI adoption from across the health care field, AHRMM, with participation by the FDA, held LUC Data Quality Workshops during four conferences in 2017. During these workshops, conference attendees had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the state of UDI data quality, hurdles to UDI adoption and what recommended practices are necessary for providers and suppliers to effectively capture the UDI and use it in meaningful ways.  

    A clear message has emerged from health care stakeholders – the only way to drive greater UDI adoption across the health care field is for the individuals and groups engaged in UDI efforts to collaborate, share their experiences, and learn from each other. In this paper, we leverage these collective insights to present challenges faced by providers and manufacturers today with regards to UDI adoption, and highlight potential solutions that have emerged from the work of the LUC and other health care participants.

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