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  • CMRP Review Course Bundle

    June 08, 2018 | Content Areas: Professional Development | Tags: CMRP, Contracting, Inventory Management, Purchased Services, Strategic Sourcing | Formats: eLearning Course | CPE Credit: 6

    An updated version of the CMRP examination will be released on August 12, 2018. In conjunction with the new exam, AHRMM has developed a new CMRP Review Course Bundle that includes five new CMRP courses. 

  • CMRP Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Compliance Course
    This product is also available as a bundle. View Bundle

    June 08, 2018 | Content Areas: Leadership | Tags: Change Management, CMRP, Regulatory | Formats: eLearning Course | CPE Credit: 1

    Prepare for the revised CMRP examination with the new CMRP eLearning course. This module covers the strategic planning, leadership, and compliance portion of the exam.

  • Par Optimization – It’s Time to Review, Revise, and Redesign the PAR

    May 14, 2018 | Content Areas: Logistics | Tags: Cost Management, Distribution, Inventory Management, Procure to Pay | Formats: Webcast

    In this AHRMM webcast, Karen Morlan, administrative director of supply chain operations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), explains the process of PAR optimization to reduce supply chain and nursing staff time, how to maximize the value of a purchase order, and effective strategies to eliminate the need to stock pile. This webcast is also available as an AHRMM podcast.

  • Business Case for the UDI Presentation

    May 11, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: Tool

    With significant pressures on hospitals and healthcare systems, it is incumbent upon those who recognize the benefits of UDI to build the business case for UDI adoption in the healthcare delivery environment. As the one discipline that works with operational, clinical, financial and technical leaders, supply chain professionals can help build the business case that documents value for multiple stakeholders.

    Download the Business Case for UDI work group presentation and share it with your organization and other stakeholders. By identifying current and future workflows around key hospital processes, the workgroup has provided insights that can help identify areas of investment necessary and corresponding benefits. Healthcare systems can take the current state workflows and adjust them as necessary to match their specific processes and also make any necessary adjustments to the future state to align with their vision for UDI adoption.

  • Rethink Processes, Regain Control

    The amount of waste in healthcare is unsustainable and requires the supply chain to adopt new processes for cost recovery and spend reduction to create a leaner, more efficient supply chain that adds greater value to healthcare.

    This webinar was sponsored by H-Source, Inc.

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  • Business Case for the UDI Work Group Report

    May 03, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: Report/Study

    The report from the Business Case for the UDI work group, a formal work group of AHRMM's Learning UDI Community (LUC) is intended to close the knowledge gap between the current realities of supply chain workflow processes, and offer a vision for how UDI adoption will allow for a smoothly functioning supply chain based upon reliable product information. The report addresses five process flows that could potentially change following healthcare organizations’ adoption of the UDI. Descriptions of workflow processes highlight the redundancies in today’s environment and where changes using UDI will lead to streamlined future operations and potential savings opportunities. The report also contains recommendations on what hospitals need to do to effectively adopt UDI and incorporate it into ongoing clinical and supply chain operations.

  • UDI Guidance Document for Medical Devices Containing HCT/P

    May 03, 2018 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: Report/Study

    Human cells, tissues, or cellular or tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) are a precious resource often provided by deceased donors and/or acutely grieving family members. Living donors also provide HCT/Ps that can improve and save lives of recipients in need. Tissue banks, eye banks and cellular therapy laboratories handle these products of human origin with care and respect, understanding the special gift of donation. It is important this care and respect is followed from the time of donation and recovery to the moment of implant, transplant, infusion, or transfer to a human recipient. This guidance document, developed by a work group of the AHRMM Learning UDI Community (LUC) provides information on HCT/Ps, HCT/Ps regulation as a medical device, traceability of HCT/Ps, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Unique Device Identification (UDI) Rule and its effects on HCT/Ps regulated as a medical device.

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