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  • CQO & The Triple Aim: Supply Chain's Strategic Connection

    December 10, 2015 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: Change Management, Contracting, Cost Management, CQO, Reimbursement | Formats: Tool

    An infographic demonstrating where and how the healthcare supply chain positively impacts the goals of the Triple Aim, a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Healthcare supply chain professionals should familiarize themselves with this information in order to demonstrate supply chains essential role in pursuing the Triple Aim.

  • Data-Driven Utilization

    June 20, 2019 | Content Areas: Performance Metrics | Tags: Analytics, Benchmarking, Cost Management, Inventory Management, Physician Preference | Formats: On-Demand Recording | CPE Credit: 1

    Improve product utilization and drive down costs in your health care organization through a combination of supply chain and data best practices.

  • Supply Chain’s Expanding Role in the Social (Determinants) World

    March 16, 2018 | Content Areas: Leadership | Tags: Cost Management, CQO | Formats: Article

    Over the years, the concept of the Triple Aim has taken hold, with well over 100 participating organizations, including the AHA, among its champions. But along the way, there remains confusion about exactly what is meant by the health of populations. Clearing up this issue also provides important insights into the expanding relevance of the CQO movement and the supply chain profession in the broader healthcare landscape. As with so many things in healthcare, when it comes to defining population health, the answer varies, but it always comes down to improving both the quality and cost of care for a specific population.

    Author: Karen Conway, MSHCD, CMRP

  • Preparing Supply Chain to Meet Meaningful Use

    August 08, 2017 | Content Areas: Technology | Tags: UDI | Formats: White Paper

    This AHRMM Fellow paper will define the regulation and explore how a supply chain department can support their organization in meeting this aspect of the regulations. Understanding the alphabet soup of acronyms that is Unique Device Identifier (UDI), their meaning, how to understand and read the standardized labeling are crucial first steps. Organizations should able to identify what defines an implant. Recognizing why is there a need to capture barcode information and have that information recorded in a patient’s record will improve continuity of care.

  • 2017 AHRMM Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Report on Population Health Management

    July 24, 2017 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: CQO | Formats: Report/Study

    AHRMM assembled a task force comprised of experts in the fields of healthcare supply chain, finance, and value analysis to examine the current population health management landscape in order to determine what impact these programs are having on the physical and behavioral health of people and the financial health of hospitals, health systems, and other community-based health related organizations. In this report we present their findings, including insights from healthcare thought leaders, guiding principles for population health management success, and case studies documenting population health management programs across the six domains of care.

  • The Process of Operationalizing Contracts to Support CQO

    June 14, 2017 | Content Areas: Procurement | Tags: Contracting, Cost Management, CQO, Data Standards, MMIS, Procure to Pay | Formats: eLearning Course | CPE Credit: 2

    Achieve cost savings through operationalizing contracts and contract catalog deployment and management. Catalog management = contract compliance = cost savings.

  • CQO & The Triple Aim: Supply Chain’s Strategic Connection Report

    December 26, 2016 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: CQO | Formats: Report/Study

    The report outlines the strategic role supply chain plays within each of the IHI’s five suggested components of a system that fulfills the Triple Aim. Read the report to gain an understanding of how you can support the use of data and analytics, establish collaborations across departments and communities, promote prevention and implement standardization and cost control metrics that are all needed to improve patient safety, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction, and eliminate product waste and drive holistic, clinically integrated, and strategic care within the value-based reimbursement model.

  • 2016 AHRMM CQO Report: CQO and the Triple Aim: Supply Chain's Strategic Connection

    August 01, 2016 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: CQO | Formats: Report/Study

    This report contains seven case studies on healthcare organizations that have successfully aligned their supply chains to the CQO Movement and the Triple Aim through initiatives such as supply and process standardization to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs), to logistical improvements aimed at delivering better patient care to the bedside and beyond. Full access to this CQO resource is a member-only benefit.

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