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Region 1: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and all foreign countries

New England Society for Healthcare Materials Management

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Region 2: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Health Care Resource Management Association of Greater New York - LinkedIn - Facebook

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Healthcare Materials Management Society of New Jersey, Inc.

On Wednesday March 13, we will host the seminar titled Understanding Surgical Smoke Plume. Our speaker, Beth Fritz is a 14-year veteran of surgical smoke evacuation practices.

Some of the learning objectives addressed will include: the contents of surgical smoke and discussing different smoke evacuation practices and the benefits of implementing a smoke evacuation program. The main focus is staff and patient considerations during surgical procedures. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their hospitals’ specific policies and procedures related to smoke evaluation.

Suggested attendees are:

  • directors of materials management
  • supply chain/resource managers
  • infection control practitioners
  • OR managers, staff
  • support services management and environmental services
  • Corporate vice president of supply chain management

We invite you to visit our website to view the full invitation, which includes registration information, the time and the location for this event. CEU’s have been requested for this seminar.

Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Management Association of Western Pennsylvania - LinkedIn

No news available.

SEPAC, Inc. - LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook

SEPAC is looking forward to the spring time weather and offering up some real valuable education sessions. To kick off the season, we will be holding a Panel Discussion – To Rep or Not to Rep! Is the Rep-less Model Viable? March 19, in Philadelphia, PA.

How much influence do sales representatives wield in the procedural health care setting? Is their presence necessary during surgical procedures? Does this get disclosed to the patient? Do hospitals require informed consent? How does the rep’s presence effect the dynamic of the procedure? Device reps have not historically been scrutinized the same way as pharmaceutical salespeople, whose role has been significantly reduced in the past decade. Visit our website for all the details and to register.  

It is also time to register for the AHRMM national conference where SEPAC will be offering some scholarships for you to attend. So please attend a SEPAC meeting, visit the website and if you haven’t already, please sign up to be on our email distribution. This will insure that you don’t miss an important announcement or special event.

Region 3: Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Kentucky Society of Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Managers

No news available.

Mid-Atlantic Society for Healthcare Materials Management (MASHMM) - LinkedIn

No news available.

North Carolina Association of Healthcare Resource and Materials Management - LinkedIn

No news available.

Virginia Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management - LinkedIn - Facebook

No news available.

Region 4: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee

Georgia Society for Healthcare Materials Management - LinkedIn

No news available.

Mississippi Hospital Association Society for Supply Chain Management in Healthcare 
Facebook - Twitter

No news available.

South Carolina Society of Hospital Materials Management
Website - LinkedIn - YouTube - Facebook

No news available.

Sun Coast Chapter of AHRMM

No news available.

Tennessee Association of Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

No news available.

Region 5: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin

Chicago Metro Chapter of AHRMM

No news available.

Greater Ohio Chapter of AHRMM - LinkedIn

No news available.

Indiana Hospital Supply Chain Association

No news available.

Michigan Association of Healthcare Resource and Materials Management

No news available.

Wisconsin Healthcare Purchasing & Materials Managers Association

No news available.

Region 6: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Kansas Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management - LinkedIn

No news available.

Remember to visit KAHRMM’s Facebook and Twitter pages to stay current on upcoming events.

Minnesota Chapter of AHRMM

No news available.

Missouri Association of Healthcare Purchasing & Materials Management

No news available.

Northern Plains Association of Healthcare Materials Management, Inc.

No news available.

Region 7: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Greater San Antonio Healthcare Resource & Materials Management Association

No news available.

North Texas AHRMM

NTAHRMM recently launched a new website, allowing members to access current news, Board information and past events. The new site also includes a platform for easily processing renewal and new membership requests. During the February member meeting, we shared that two events are currently being coordinated – the Spring Event at the Horse Races and the Harvest Fest in the Fall. We look forward to sharing more details to the chapter members soon.

As we focus on membership, our Membership Committee Chair, Mark Keiser, shared that we will be organizing meetings with health system leaders to encourage participation. And, we will engage the local universities to offer opportunities for students pursuing supply chain and/or health care degrees to get involved in the chapter. This will provide educational opportunities and networking for these students and allow them to better understand the health care. 

David Gillan with Vizient presented on Trends Impacting Health care in February. This topic of discussion resulted in chapter members sharing experiences associated with management of agreements, understanding big data and how to navigate for effective analytical outcomes.

Our Education Committee Chair, Tim Martin, is working on developing an event or workshop to allow members the ability to learn more about Project Management.  

Our next member meeting will be held at the Parkland Stemmons Location on Thursday, March 21.

Society for Arkansas Hospital Purchasing & Materials Management

No news available.

Texas Gulf Coast Supply Chain

The Texas Gulf Coast Supply Chain Chapter (local chapter of AHRMM) invites you to the March Chapter Meeting on March 21. Come on out, enjoy lunch and re-connect with your professional peers.


12:00 pm – 12:30 pm presentation

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm networking

We look forward to seeing you!

Region 8: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Arizona Healthcare Materials Management Association - LinkedIn

 No news available.

Rocky Mountain Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management

No news available.

Region 9: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

California Association of Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Managers - LinkedIn

No news available.

Western States Healthcare Material Management Association

No news available.

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Note: All foreign countries are in Region 1. There are no chapters for foreign countries at this time.