Allison Corry  Allison Corry, MHA, MBA, FACHE

Senior Manager, Health Advisory, Supply Chain & Operations, Ernst & Young, Saint Louis, MO

Joined AHRMM in 2003

1. Please share your history of involvement with AHRMM committees/task forces/activities:
I have presented at AHRMM 2-3 times throughout my career and participated on a Membership Committee for a few years. I often attend the annual conference to continue my own learning and networking.

2. Tell us more about your specific job responsibilities in your company/hospital/organization:

At Ernst & Young (EY), I am part of team of professionals who deliver transformational consulting projects to help clients improve the health of their supply chain and operations. This includes understanding the organization’s technology tools and how they use them, the people performing key supply chain tasks, governance structures, productivity metrics, and operational processes. Our work is often designed around assessing/analyzing/quantifying recommendations, improving speed to market of implementation, delivering and managing transformational change, establishing cost savings or increasing value, and improving the overall working environment of our clients. Our clients can be health providers, payers, life sciences manufacturers, or federal health agencies. My favorite area is perioperative or procedural areas supply chain where we get to work with preference card data, scheduling, case cart operations, and the logistics around SPD.

3. How many years have you been in your current role; how many years in supply chain?

 I have been at Ernst & Young since 2015, and in healthcare supply chain since 2004.

4. What aspect of your job do you like best?

I love feeling like my team and I make positive change that truly impacts our clients and industry overall. We get the unique opportunity to evaluate cross-functional processes, and design a more holistically healthy process. It’s wonderful to see our recommendations in action and the positive effects that has on satisfaction, financial change, risk aversion, operational efficiency, etc.

5. What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging part of the job is the full-time travel. There are many weeks when we are on the road 3-4 nights a week. That makes personal commitments, friends/family time, home errands, and a healthy lifestyle things that must be thoughtfully managed.

6. Who is your mentor/key influencer, and why?

I have a few key mentors. Vance Moore from Mercy ROI has and continues to be an inspirational career mentor. He is the leader who recruited me into supply chain during my MHA internship, and he continues to be my “go-to” coach for ongoing career guidance and thought leadership in the field. At my current position, my counselor Angela Zotos is someone I learn from. She has years of consulting experience and a reputation of delivering exceptional work to her clients. While she is not in supply chain, she has helped me develop my leadership skills, hone my deliverables, and understand the nature of my career and contributions as they fit into EY.

7. What AHRMM board/committee/task forces/activity/experience stands out/is most memorable for you?

I’m passionate about and would like to contribute more to the evaluation of and selection of conference presentation topics and content. I believe we are at a critical inflection point in our field, and the skills and business needs to have successful healthcare supply chains are different than in years past. We must really challenge ourselves as a group to push ourselves outside of comfortable foundational topics and into new skill sets and topics that are emerging in the healthcare suppy chain.

8. Why did you join AHRMM/what keeps you coming back?

AHRMM is a staple organization and credentialing board recognized in industry as a “golden standard” for those of us in the field. I feel it’s important for my own learning and to share my knowledge that I am a member and participate in ongoing education regularly. 

9. Name one AHRMM tool you “cannot do without”:

Conference networking

10. What are key AHRMM resources you use to leverage your supply chain processes?

11. What is the best part of being involved in your professional association?

The professional networking.

12. What is something most of your peers don’t know about you?

I’m active on my alma mater (University of Missouri)’s MHA Alumni Board and often provide coaching and mentorship to the students who have interest in operations.

13. In my free time I like to:

I can be found snow skiing (or après skiing) in the winter or planning a weekend trip to visit friends in the summers. I enjoy camping/hiking, my cat, and love mind game/word puzzles.

14. Personal Motto or Favorite Quote:

"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels." ~ Faith Whittlesey