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CMRP Examination Review Workshop

Virtual Instuctor-Led Training

Certified Materials & Resource Professionals (CMRP) carry a premier distinction that sets them apart. These supply chain professionals know how to maintain vital inventory, stay informed about supply chain distruptions and are leaders in their profession.

This one-day review session provides a high-level overview of the CMRP exam and the requirements to earn and maintain the certification.

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Benefits of the CMRP VILT Workshop

This virtual instructor-led training workshop helps candidates understand what content is covered on the CMRP exam. Participants also have the opportunity to connect with other candidates. Make sure you are prepared to take on the exam when you register for an upcoming VILT workshop.



In this one-day, live virtual training, participants will review concepts and example questions from every content area on the exam. They'll have the opportunity to learn more about the type of questions asked on the exam and high-level insights.

This is the only course that covers all five content areas of the CMRP exam. Coure participants will receive a study guide with detailed notes and a practice exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the “basics” of the exam, such as the major content areas and cognitive levels
  • Identify areas that need additional review
  • Test your knowledge with 110 practice questions
  • Acquire exam tips for answering the different types of questions asked in each of the five content areas
  • Clarify your individual questions by participating in a live discussion with presenters and attendees

Meet Your Instructors

Learn more about the instructors who teach this review course. They both have decades of experience in the health care supply chain field and have been eligible CMRPs just like you are now. Click on their name to learn more about their background.

Preston Hall


Lora L. Johnson