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Certified Materials & Resource Professionals (CMRP) carry the mark of supply chain excellence with proven knowledge of effectively managing the quality and affordability of patient care.

Not sure where to start? AHRMM has developed a CMRP Roadmap to make sure you know what steps to take next.


Do you have one of the required combinations of professional experience and formal education?

  • 3 years experience in health care supply chain management | Bachelor’s degree OR
  • 5 years experience in health care supply chain management | Associates’s degree OR
  • 7 years experience in health care supply chain management | H.S. degree or equivalent


Know what to expect on the CMRP exam. Use this resource to familiarize yourself with the topics, content, and types of questions that will be on the exam.

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There are several resources available to help you prepare for the test. Use the links below for more information.


Apply online to take the test and appear on time for the assessment on that date at your selected site.

There are over 200 locations throughout the United States. Find your nearest testing center or they can schedule a live-remote proctored exam with PSI. Learn more about testing logistics for the CMRP exam.


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Why should you earn your CMRP?

On an individual level, the CMRP credential helps build a strong foundation in health care supply chain. Additionally, the CMRP can help improve efficiency, reduce costs and more at an organizational level.

Hear about the value CMRP adds directly from health care supply chain professionals just like you below.

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Supply chain professionals like you keep our health systems running reliably. Share your CMRP certification story and inspire other health care supply chain professionals to advance their careers and organizations with CMRP certification!

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Vice President of Supply Chain Management Operations, Advocate Health - Southeast Region

Dennis Mullins

"Obtaining the CMRP certification has had the biggest impact on my career by providing me with a recognized and credentialed certification that demonstrates my expertise in supply chain management, enhancing my professional credibility and opening up new opportunities for advancement.

The certification has also benefitted the organization I have worked for by ensuring that they have a skilled and knowledgeable supply chain professional who can contribute to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing overall performance."


Principal Field Readiness Architect, Spend Management Workday

Becky Mashmann

"The Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) certification has significantly benefitted my career in health care materials management. This credential has provided me with a strong foundation in supply chain management, procurement, and inventory control specific to the health care industry.

I gained a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of health care supply chain which helped to jumpstart my career as a buyer. The CMRP certification has been a key factor in my career advancement, enabling me to contribute more effectively to the health care supply chain and materials management within my organization."

Robert Matthews

Senior Supply Chain Solution Consultant, Workday Inc.

Robert Matthews

"The CMRP certification positively impacted my career... the confidence and experiences gained by national involvement helped me attain employment with a major software corporation. I strongly believe my CMRP certification set me on that career path!

Later in my career, when I pursued other employment opportunities, I found my CMRP certification distinguished me from other applicants and - in many cases - was a baseline required cert for posted job openings. In my 20 year certification experience, the CMRP cert has gained value and recognition especially with forward-thinking health organizations!"

Victor Suarez

Founder and Principal Growth Partner, Blu Zone Bioscience & Supply Chain Solutions, LLC

Victor Suarez

"I’ve had my CMRP for over 10 years now and I value how the credential has not only boosted my career, but has kept me motivated to keep learning, writing, speaking, and mentoring other health care supply chain leaders. Also the knowledge acquired has enabled me to effectively work on multi-billion dollar programs to accelerate lifesaving bio platform technologies during the pandemic or to solve a multitude of hospital challenges with PPE, lab devices and reagents, and crisis communication and collaboration to help maintain healthcare continuity.

If you’re on the fence, this is the year to get er’ done!”

Devin Sumaoang

Director of Supply Chain Transformation and Design, University of Washington

Devin T. Sumaoang

"The CMRP credential has been pivotal in shaping my career trajectory. It provided me with the knowledge and expertise to transition effectively across various areas of the supply chain. I initially worked as an inventory coordinator, where I honed my skills and built crucial relationships with the field.

As my career continued to advance, the CMRP remained a prominent highlight on my resume, setting me apart in the competitive field of supply chain. Few professionals possess this valuable certification, and it has consistently played a role in negotiating salary increases. In the span of four years, I transitioned from director of supply chain transformation to a senior director position".

Jimmy Chung

Chief Medical Officer, Advantus Health Partners

Jimmy Chung

"The certification adds credibility to anyone seeking a job in supply chain as someone who has taken the time to become an expert and demonstrates their passion for making health care better.

My own CMRP journey helped me achieve an advanced level of understanding of the complexities of supply chain across all industries and serves as a badge of credibility when meeting other executives."


Invest in your future by earning the Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) designation. Nationally recognized, CMRP is a leading credential based on sound assessment that provides distinction in a competitive marketplace.

This certification delivers both internal and external rewards. It signifies a commitment to career advancement while representing accomplishment and expertise within the health care supply chain community. This health care certification is designed and administered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center.

Explore the sections below to access information, resources, and tools designed to help guide your path to obtaining this certification.

Recommended Areas of Focus for the CMRP Exam


Exam Preparation/Readiness Review

The American Hospital Association Certification Center contracts with PSI to administer the CMRP exam. Candidates can schedule their exam with PSI at an approved testing center or they can schedule a live-remote proctored exam with PSI. Learn more about testing logistics for the CMRP exam.


CMRP Exam Course Bundle

The bundled course is comprised of five modules. Each is aligned with the CMRP examination curriculum outline and includes a discount.

AHRMM members get a $115 discount.

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CMRP Self-Assessment Examination

Use this self-assessment exam to gain an understanding of what areas you might need to cover more in your preparation for the CMRP exam.

AHRMM members get $85 discount.

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CMRP Candidate Handbook & Application

Access the CMRP candidate handbook to learn more about the exam, exam preparation tactics and more.

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Veteran Benefits

man writing exam

If you qualify for VA benefits, you can get the cost of the CMRP certification exam covered!

After you register and pay for the exam of your choice, fill out an Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees (VA Form 22-0803). Send the completed application and proof of payment to your Regional Processing Office.

If you need help, call the VA toll-free at 1-888-422-4551 or visit the VA website.