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AHRMM Spring Summit 2024

Introducing the AHRMM Spring Summit: Transformational Excellence, a brand-new virtual event bringing together innovators, problem-solvers and future-oriented leaders to showcase trends and solutions critical to the future of the health care supply chain field:

Innovative Solutions and Synergies
Forward-Looking Financial Strategies
Next-Generation Workforce Dynamics

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Leadership and Career Advancement

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Workforce Dynamics

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Strategic Cost Management

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Optimizing Revenue Cycle

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Power of Partnerships

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Unleashed

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Be the Catalyst, Lead Transformation

The AHRMM Spring Summit: Transformational Excellence, April 9 – 11, is a curated, future-oriented experience exploring the trends, innovations and coming disruptions in the health care supply chain landscape. This virtual event will include three days of unique educational content to inspire change and propel the field and your organization into a new era. Take part in this program to:

  • Evaluate your organization’s next steps
  • Be a part of the conversation that inspires change
  • Build future-facing partnerships & foster collaboration

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“Lots of valuable information that I've never thought of before, but provoked thoughtful ideas to implement in my position.”


“All of the panelists were excellent! The information was applicable as solutions to issues we are facing today.”


“This was a great presentation of a variety of supply issues, opportunities, and innovation. I really enjoyed it.”


“The program was very good. I enjoyed listening to all speakers that provided me a lot of great ideas and confidence that I am on the right track.”


“This was a great way to be able to learn about these topics that we are all dealing with today being in healthcare.”


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Member: $249.00
Non-Member: $349.00

Continuing Education

All Sessions: 6
Individual Session: 1
Eligible for credits towards ACHE, CMRP and FAHRMM.

Schedule of Events

Whether you're a supply chain manager, procurement specialist, or logistics expert, the AHRMM Spring Summit offers valuable insights and networking opportunities in the areas of workforce, cost management, and artificial intelligence.

The AHRMM Spring Summit offers a virtual platform for attendees to gain insights, exchange ideas, and stay abreast with the latest trends and innovations in the health care supply chain field, with a particular emphasis on workforce, cost management, and artificial intelligence.

  • The health care field is constantly evolving, and staying updated with the latest advancements is crucial for professionals in the supply chain field. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics aimed at helping health care organizations improve efficiency and reduce costs.

    AHRMM Spring Summit brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and solution providers to share their knowledge and insights on cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging trends. Speakers will share their knowledge and expertise, providing attendees with practical tips and innovative strategies to optimize their supply chain processes.

    In addition to the keynote speeches and discussions, sessions will include the breakdown of case studies of successful implementation stories of AI and other innovative strategies. These real-world examples will showcase how health care organizations have leveraged effective supply chain strategies to achieve remarkable results.


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AHRMM Spring Summit 2024: Transformational Excellence

Spark Change and Prepare for the Future

Be a part of a brand-new learning experience geared towards the future of the health care supply chain profession. Don't miss this opportunity to gain knowledge to navigate disruptions and catalyze positive transformation.

  • Forge new partnerships and alliances
  • Develop skills to navigate current and future disruptions
  • Revitalize tactics and strategies for your organization
  • Access the range of knowledge from subject matter experts and thought leaders

Learn from expert thought leaders

Hear from thought leaders and futurists with expertise on the coming disruptions impacting suppliers, providers and distributors.

Gain insights into the latest trends

Preview the needs of the next generation of health care supply chain and discover emerging best practices.

Discover innovative solutions

Learn strategies for cost management, utilizing A.I., workforce planning and partnership building.