Code of Ethics

The voluntary Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct assists AHRMM members in determining ethically appropriate professional conduct. Ethics demand that healthcare resource and materials management professionals, who make or influence decisions for healthcare institutions, act with complete fidelity to the institution and respect the valid rights of others.

Personal Ethics

  • Strive to conduct all business with honesty, fairness, integrity, and loyalty to the institution and the profession.
  • Know, follow, and enforce the healthcare organizations corporate compliance policy on all matters. Never enter into any transactions that would result in personal benefit or a conflict of interest.
  • Conduct oneself in such a manner as to merit the trust, confidence, and respect of the healthcare marketplace.
  • Strive to reduce costs and obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure. Develop and implement supply chain tools that will benefit the healthcare marketplace. Remain committed to emphasize high-quality, effective, and safe patient care.
  • Treat with discretion and respect all information obtained in confidence. 

Professional Conduct

  • Cooperate with all associations and individuals engaged in activities designed to enhance the development, stature, and understanding of healthcare resource and materials management. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Promote an environment that facilitates sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences to improve the healthcare resource and materials management profession. Actively participate in seminars, professional association activities, projects, and continuing education.
  • Enhance the profession through recognition programs for individual achievement and professional commitments. AHRMM encourages all members to work towards professional development. This includes, but is not limited to, obtaining the CMRP and Fellow level of certification achievement.