Leadership FAQs

How do I contact a Board Representative?
AHRMM’s current Board members with contact information is included on the Board of Directors listing.

How do I volunteer to join an AHRMM Committee or Task Force?
Each year, AHRMM issues a “Call for Volunteers” to all AHRMM members. If you are a current AHRMM member and interested in joining one of AHRMM’s Committees or Task Forces, please email ahrmm@aha.org. View a complete listing of the current Committees and Task Forces.

What is a Fellow and how can I become one?
AHRMM Fellow status is presented to Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) members in good standing, who have met specified achievement criteria and submitted an approved, original, unpublished paper on a current aspect of materials management. To apply for Fellow status or for more information, visit Fellow Program.

I am interested in becoming an AHRMM Board Member. What positions are available and how do I run for office?
Each year, AHRMM conducts elections for Board member and officer positions. If you are a current AHRMM member and are interested in running for office, visit the Elections page.

How do I nominate someone for the George R. Gossett Leadership Award?
The Leadership Award is AHRMM’s highest honor. Refer to Leadership Award for nominations, award information, and criteria.