Our Highest Achievers - Fellows of the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management

As current AHRMM members, FARHMM designees are highly respected individuals who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the field of supply chain and a long term commitment to continuing their acquisition of knowledge. AHRMM Fellows continuously work to move the health care supply chain field forward as we strive to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining cost and reaching financial goals related to that quality.

The most recent Fellow research papers can be found in the AHRMM Knowledge Center.

Lifetime Fellows

Michael Ferris

John Gaida

Kevin Goos

Victor Heinrich

Robert Huber

Katherine Jellicoe Pressley

David Kaczmarek

Renee Landry

Michael Louviere

Debra Mark

Karen Mead

Mary Ann Michalski

Dale Montgomery

Michael Neely

Robert Perry

Anita Phipps

Marlene Rider

William Roberts

Jean Sargent

Gregory Scott

Beverly Slate

Jeffrey Solarek

Mickey Sparrow

William Stitt

S. Patrick Tabor

Richard Wisnoski


Current AHRMM Fellows

Darcy Aafedt

Brian Bartel

Terry Cox

Colleen Cusick

David Early

Todd Eich

Ric Goodhue

David Gibson

William Hall

Lora Johnson

Pete Keys

Stephen Kiewiet

Richard Killeen

Dale Locklair

Nicole Mazzei-Williams

Ray Moore

Susan Morris

Christopher O'Connor

Jodi Panzino

Jimmy Sauls

Devin Taniguchi Sumaoang

John Willi

Susan Wills

Annette Wooters

Bruce Zartman