Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

The GDSN is a system and organization of interoperable, certified Data Pools that enable data synchronization per GS1 System standards. GDSN interconnects trading partners across the supply chain to synchronize core product data to standard specifications. The GDSN distributes standardized product data from manufacturers and distributors to data aggregators and end-users. It enables participants to synchronize and maintain accurate product and packaging information in near real time.

How GDSN Works

In the GDSN, manufacturers contribute clean, classified product information to the utility where it is verified and published for all subscribers to access. The healthcare GDSN provides a central industry resource for standardized product data from manufacturers and distributors and enables all participants — from the manufacturers through the supply chain to the end user — to synchronize and maintain accurate item files in near real-time.

Benefits of Data Synchronization

The GDSN results in reduced product cost through improved contract compliance, allowing for:

  • Identification of non-contract/contract opportunities.
  • Increased transaction accuracy for ordering through bill payment.
  • Improved accuracy in product sourcing.
  • Increase in patient safety due to accuracy of product information.
  • Rapid access to information on new, discontinued, replacement and recalled products.
  • Accurate information to generate usable barcodes.