GLN is the globally unique GS1 Identification Number for locations and supply chain partners. The GLN can be used to identify a:

Functional entity - like a hospital pharmacy or accounting department

Physical entity - like a warehouse or hospital wing or even a nursing station

Legal entity - like a health system corporation

The attributes defined for each GLN (e.g., name, address, class of trade, etc.) help users to ensure that each GLN is specific to one, very precise location within the world.


Organizations and companies members of GS1 member organizations can assign GLNs using the 13-digit numeric structure:

GS1 Company Prefix - assigned by a GS1 member organization to a user/subscriber
Location Reference - allocated by the company to a specific location
Check Digit - calculated according to a standard algorithm, helps ensure integrity

GLN Registry Is Now GS1 US Data Hub | Location

The GLN Registry is now GS1 US Data Hub | Location, offering a better user experience and more powerful features. If you used the GLN Registry, visit GS1 Healthcare US’ transition page to learn more about the transition to GS1 US Data Hub | Location.