AHRMM SME Podcast - Episode 6: Corey Schimdt

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This is the AHRMM Subject Matter Expert Podcast hosted by Justin Poulin. Tune in every month as we speak with Industry Experts to highlight success stories and solutions from the field that advance the healthcare supply chain. And now, Justin Poulin with this month’s Expert…
Corey Schmidt, an AHRMM YPAC member and the Assistant Director SHS Operations & Supply Chain Integration at The University of Kansas Health System
Topic: The challenges of rural health through a supply chain lens
Highlights include:
Concerning Trends
- Falling behind in regards to the advances that are being made at a fast pace
- Lagging in technology adoption and fit (does not always work in rural settings)
Economic pressure for rural health
- This is becoming a big concern for rural communities.
- Becker’s Healthcare recently reported that 23% of KS and 4% of MO hospitals are at risk of immediate closure.
What happens to the community when these hospitals close?
- Rural communities have to travel farther for care
- Population health decreases
How can supply chain be a voice for these small hospitals
- Governor asked UKHS what we are doing to create sustainable healthcare
- Strategic Healthcare Solutions (SHS) – Network of Hospitals (can’t buy them all)
-Extend contract pricing to help create parity for the rural community hospitals
-Networking collaboration among members
-Create new solutions to solve challenges