AHRMM SME Podcast - Episode 9: Alyssa Kangas

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This is the AHRMM Subject Matter Expert Podcast hosted by Justin Poulin. Tune in every month as we speak with Industry Experts to highlight success stories and solutions from the field that advance the healthcare supply chain. And now, Justin Poulin with this month’s Expert…
Alyssa Kangas, MBA, CMRP | Senior Director, Contracting & Procurement at CentraCare
Topic: Clinical Integration & Achieving Greater Contract Adherence
- Clinical Integration – Engaging Providers for Success
- No margin = no mission
* Rural HCOs may feel a greater responsibility to generate a margin to ensure that they can deliver more advanced care options locally
*Expansion of services can only happen if the funding is there
- Evidence-Based Decisions take into account:
*Patient Experience
*Patient Outcomes
*Fiscal Viability
- These areas of focus do not need to be mutually exclusive – evidence takes us there
- Success Story
* Overview of how you got started
*Building business acumen for providers
*Gaining engagement
* A couple keys to the success of initiative
* Establish the “Why” and educate/build the necessary skills
* Diad leadership structure
* Physician leader
* Operational leader
* Engage both leaders in VA steering committees