AHRMM23 Cost, Quality and Outcomes Summit Recap

Health care supply chain leaders met in August 2023 in Orlando to discuss workforce recruitment, retention, and development; ongoing supply shortages and disruptions; and the ever-increasing financial pressures health care organizations face. This report captures the key themes and takeaways that had attendees buzzing.

AHRMM23 CQO Summit ReportThe annual CQO Summit brings together health care supply chain leaders in a collaborative forum to discuss top-of-mind issues facing the health care field. The theme of this year’s Summit was managing resources in the “new normal.” It featured thought-provoking presentations on workforce optimization, supply chain analytics, and the health care financial landscape. Through real-world examples and collaborative discussions, attendees gained knowledge of best practices and concrete tactics to take forward into their organizations.

Key Themes and Takeaways

1 | Workforce

Today’s health care supply chain leaders have blazed a path through the pandemic and come out on the other side stronger, more strategic, and better positioned for ongoing advancement. To build on this momentum, they need an equally robust and resilient workforce from which they can grow the next generation of leaders. Successful workforce development blends the cultivation of talent from within with opportunities to recruit skilled talent from other sectors.

2 | Data / Analytics

As actionable analytics become the cornerstone of a resilient supply chain, the health care business intelligence (BI) function can no longer be comprised of a group of analysts sitting in a silo responding to report requests. Data-driven health systems and hospitals are embedding BI experts within their supply chain teams. These “analytics thought partners” have developed advanced dashboards that capture and analyze data from supply chain and clinical workflows, enabling them to continuously provide meaningful insights to inform strategic decisions.

3 | Finance

While some feel health care has weathered the financial storm of the pandemic, poor bond ratings, emerging Capitol Hill reforms, and the threat of competition from outside of our field paint a very different picture. When conversing and collaborating with their health system or hospital’s chief financial officers (CFO), supply chain leaders must understand the pressures keeping their financial counterparts up at night.

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