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Professional Development Matrix


The Professional Development Matrix is a tool designed to help health care supply chain professionals explore career possibilities and define opportunities for advancement and evolution within the field. The Matrix provides a roadmap to the recommended education, experience, tools, and targeted skill-sets that are relevant for professional growth and satisfaction at all stages of employment.

Professional Fulfillment Framework: AHRMM recognizes that one can achieve professional satisfaction and fulfillment in any position or stage of employment within the Professional Development Matrix. The Matrix assumes “free movement,” with many points of entry and intersections. Each individual will chart their own course, with the Matrix available as a guide to recommend education, experience, competencies, and activities to help you navigate the profession and achieve your maximum potential and desired professional outcomes.




Utilizing the Matrix

1. Organizations can utilize the matrix to redefine roles and expectations of current and future employees as well as incorporate accomplishments and competencies into staff training and development offerings.
2. Individuals can utilize the matrix as a roadmap for advancement within the health care supply chain and a template for professional growth and development.
3. Organizations can utilize the matrix to structure educational offerings and provide networking opportunities customized to and highlighting elements of the professional fulfillment framework.