Scanning 201

Leading Practices, RFID and Integration

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Management of inventory turns, reducing waste due to product expiration and reducing inventory reconciliation adjustments are all possible thanks to the UDI barcode. Although scanning is a common practice throughout hospitals today with pharmaceuticals and patient identification, it’s relatively new for medical devices and supplies. Many health systems are still typing the UDI-DI into their EHR systems for medical devices. This practice is prone to human key entry error.

In the second installment of AHRMM's scanning series, leading experts discuss best practices for data capture and which approaches achieve the best outcomes based on potential use case scenarios.

The presenters go in-depth to demonstrate the accuracy of data output, leading to increased confidence in clinical variation analysis and standardization discussions. They also discuss software and hardware integration, visualize data modeling and identify areas where functionality can be maximized.

How this Session Relates to the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement: Using the most appropriate scanning techniques can improve an organization’s data accuracy which, along with maximizing software functionality, can lead to more accurate reports that can help decision making. Developing competency in this is critical to Cost, Quality and Outcomes objectives.

Who Should Order This On-Demand Webinar? Scanning 101 is directed toward those who are getting started in implementing UDI: IT managers, SC distribution managers and directors, compliance managers and directors; VPs of SC, CNOs, CFOs, and other provider personnel involved in or responsible for the implementation of the FDA UDI program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the appropriate scanning approach for your organization based on leading practices use case scenarios and appropriate tools for each job (precursor to 301 with advanced technologies, situation requirements, etc.).
  • Describe to your team and C-suite how scanning is used to drive accurate data analytics and standardization.
  • Discuss data integration and how to maximize the functionality of various hospital software systems including EDI, Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), ERP and EHR systems and ultimate data standardization outcomes.

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Continuing Education: By attending the webinar, participants may earn up to 1.0 AHRMM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours toward re-certification of the Certified Material & Resource Professional (CMRP) certification and/or the initial or re-certification of the Fellow of AHRMM (FAHRMM) designation, as well as up to 1.0 ACHE Qualified Education Hours toward initial certification or re-certification of the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) designation.

Presenter: Brian Walters, Senior Product Manager, Data Capture Solutions, Zebra Technologies

Presenter: Mike Nolan, President, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

Presenter: Peter Casady, CEO & Co-Founder, Champion Healthcare Technologies