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Wed, Apr 26, 2023, 12:00 PM – Wed, Apr 26, 2023, 01:00 PM



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Speaker: John Riggi - National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk

It’s a sad fact that hospitals and health care systems continue to be prime targets for cybercriminals. But it’s the skyrocketing growth of cyberattacks on third parties such as business associates, medical device providers, and supply chain vendors that currently poses one of the biggest – and often-neglected – challenges on the health care cyber risk landscape. Based upon real-world events, learn what happens when high-impact ransomware attacks target these third parties and supply chain vendors and the embedded risk it has to hospitals and health systems. Dialogue hosted by SHSMD and AHRMM, discussing how digital risk translates into patient care risk and prioritizing the impact across all operational, clinical, and business functions. We will also discuss the latest cyber legislative and policy developments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the risks associated with third-parties and suppliers
  2. Understanding the connection between digital and patient care risk
  3. Be able to describe the latest cybersecurity legislation and policy developments

Continuing Education:

By attending the Latest Cyber Threats, Legislation and Policy Updates webinar offered by AHRMM participants may earn up to 0.5 ACHE Qualified Education Hours toward initial certification or recertification of the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) designation.

Speaker Bio: 

John Riggi, having spent nearly 30 years as a highly decorated veteran of the FBI, serves as the first national advisor for cybersecurity and risk for the American Hospital Association and its 5000+ member hospitals. John leverages his distinctive experience at the FBI and CIA in the investigation and disruption of cyber threats, international organized crime and terrorist organizations to assist on related policy and advocacy issues. John’s national perspective is further informed by his direct role in assisting ransomware victims in hospitals and health systems. 

John is the recipient of the FBI Director’s Award for Special Achievement in Counterterrorism and the CIA’s George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, the CIAs highest award in this category. Jones, who presents extensively on cybersecurity and risk topics, has provided testimony before the Senate, regularly engages with the administration and is frequently interviewed by the media.


This Webinar is Jointly Hosted by AHRMM and SHSMD