Ethylene Oxide Device Sterilization and the Alternatives




In light of the closure of some facilities that use gas ethylene oxide (EtO) to sterilize medical devices prior to their distribution and use, the FDA is looking at the future availability of medical devices and the possibility of medical device shortages.

In addition to background on the issue, this webinar highlights potential alternatives to EtO, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to determine what kind of sterilization is best for your organization. Attending this webinar will help you to make an informed choice in case your organization is impacted now or down the line, and empower you to discuss this issue with clinical staff and other members of your value analysis team.

Download the AHA/AHRMM EtO Advisory statement.

How this session relates to the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement: Switching to alternative sterilization methods can improve the quality of patient care and staff safety, which may improve patient and employee satisfaction ratings.


Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss the history of ethylene oxide (EtO) and why it has been used widely in health care.
  • Identify alternatives to EtO and define their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Lead a discussion with your value analysis/clinical integration team about sterilization.
  • Learn how to locate sterilization companies and the kinds of sterilization they employ.


Target Audience:

Supply chain executives, supply chain directors, materials managers, department heads overseeing Central Sterile, risk managers, and environmental professionals.


  • Lena Shahbandar, MD — DuPage Medical Group
  • Peter Orris, MD — UI Health


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