Macro-Economic Trends in Health Care Supply Chain: Risk Assessment and Mitigation

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World events have continued to highlight the supply chain’s fragility with many central points of opportunity. Longer than expected lead times, rolling backorders and supply shortages are resulting in the rapid development of building out supply chain resiliency and risk mitigation programs.

In the first webinar, you will discover perspectives from undergraduate and masters’ degree program professors on macro-economic impacts on health care supply chain considering the probability of similar future lockdowns, the U.S. reliance on imports and deglobalization efforts focusing on risk management, talent management, automation transition, and relationship building.

Learn first-hand from what is being prioritized in the classroom, how educators are framing key issues, and their thoughts on moving the industry and profession forward. Various risk mitigation considerations and strategies adapting to recent macro events will be shared including characterization of risk types, predictive analytics, and financial concerns.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consider the current landscape of risk posed to the global supply chain and its impact on health care’s supply chain.
  2. Explain the difference in the ability to respond quickly to supply and demand changes and the application of lean operations including just-in-time, while considering potential lean practices negatively impacting resiliency and recovery. 
  3. Generate a forward-looking mindset of shrinking the supply chain, embracing new coordination tools, and delivering results our patients can depend on.
  4. Consider potential risk mitigation strategies suggested by panelists and their usage within your own organization.


Gulru Özkan-Seely, Associate Professor of Operations Management, School of Business at the University of Washington Bothell
Asoo J. Vakharia, McClatchy Professor and Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management, Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida
Devin Sumaoang, CMRP, FAHRMM, Director of Supply Chain Transformation, The University of Washington



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