Supply Chain’s Role in Social Responsibility, Community Health and Sustainability


There’s no question hospitals and health systems have an essential role in public health—but what about supply chain? Supply chain can have a significant role in local communities by supporting the social well-being of local populations and by understanding the continuing role that hospitals and health systems have in public health. This will provide a necessary framework for understanding the role of supply chain in social responsibility.  

Social responsibility is an emerging area of importance for all health care supply chain professionals to understand and participate in. By becoming an organizational advocate of social responsibility, health care supply chain professionals may have the opportunity to transition to a more strategic role within their organization.  

This on-demand webinar examines the evolving needs of communities, the historic role of hospitals as a community enterprise and why hospitals and health systems are viewed by the public as an anchor in local communities. The ideas presented during this webinar will help health care supply chain professionals move beyond reactive behaviors to employ proactive strategies and tactics to help serve local communities and bring added value to health care organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the key elements of social responsibility and the historic role hospitals and health care providers have played in community health, and our footprint on the community.
  • Define community health and identify your organization’s current and future ‘footprint'.
  • Explain the potential roles supply chain can play as a community health leader.
  • Develop messaging to encourage hospital leadership in supporting supply chain’s role in community and environmental health.
  • Operationalize and set goals within the context of supply chain and social responsibility, including possible metrics.

How this relates to the AHRMM Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO) Movement: The best way to reduce costs is to prevent something that leads to additional charges.

Target Audience: All health care supply chain professionals can benefit from learning about a provider’s role in sustainability.

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  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Executive

Presenter: John Strong , MBA, Co-Founder and Chief Consulting Officer, Access Strategy Partners Inc.

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