The UDI Rule: Are You Ready?


Standardized labels recently mandated by the UDI Rule are an important step but will not provide healthcare cost savings and improved patient safety on their own. Furthermore, EHRs and MMIS systems do not provide the functionality necessary to meet these objectives. Hospitals need a tool to leverage the use of UDI (Unique Device Identification) within their healthcare organizations to empower AHRMM’s Cost, Quality, Outcomes (CQO) Movement

This on-demand webinar explains the many benefits the UDI system can bring both to a hospital’s bottom line and to patients. With proper tools implemented by healthcare providers, UDI will help to lower cost, and increase quality to improve patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the UDI rule and how does UDI specifically benefit hospitals?
  • How will UDI reduce costs for healthcare?
  • How will UDI improve patient safety and recall management?
  • Learn how to achieve UDI benefits by bridging the gap between MMIS & EHR.
  • Learn how to improve quality assurance of rep delivered medical devices.
  • Learn how to automate recall investigations to improve patient safety.
  • Learn how to gain visibility into medical device usage and associated costs to make informed decisions.

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CPE Credit: 1